Teacher’s Code of Honor

The main activity of the teacher is working with students, taking care of their education and culture, educating true patriots of their homeland.

The teacher must be a professional who is constantly working to improve his theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills, actively conducts research and scientific activities based on an honest search for knowledge, properly ensuring evidence, impartiality of judgments and integrity in reporting results.

The teacher is a model of decency and intelligence, morality and morality, an active propagandist of the statehood of Kazakhstan, a principled opponent of any manifestations of corruption, indiscipline and irresponsibility.

The teacher proves by personal example to students the need to comply with the rules of labor and academic discipline, respect for colleagues, is demanding of himself, his words and actions, openly admits his mistakes and corrects them in good faith.

The teacher must be honest and impartial in the professional assessment of his colleagues and students, he is organized, his words coincide with the case, openly expresses his position on fundamental issues of activity and argumentatively prove his point of view;

The Code of Honor of a teacher of the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technology University is a system of moral norms, obligations and requirements of conscientious behavior based on generally recognized moral principles and norms of Kazakhstan society and the state.

We take responsibility for the implementation of the stated basic principles and adherence to the Code of Honor of the Student and teacher. We will make active efforts to ensure that our university becomes a model of moral and intellectual strength and constitutes the elite of higher education in Kazakhstan.

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