Scientific and Technical Council

General provisions

The Scientific and Technical Council (hereinafter NTS) of the West Kazakhstan University of Innovation and Technology is organized and operates in accordance with the Regulations on the scientific work of the WKITU.

The NTS is a collective body created in order to increase the efficiency of the university’s scientific activities, improve the long-term planning and selection of topics for scientific research and technical developments, develop the connection of science with the educational process, production, strengthen its focus and ensure compliance with the goals and objectives in training, achieve unity of educational and scientific work, more effective use of the scientific potential of the university.

In its activities, the NTS is guided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, “On Science”, methodological guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders of the Rector of the University.

Structure and staff

The NTS is organized under the leadership of the Vice-Rector for Scientific Work and International Relations – the Chairman.

The structure of the NTS of the university includes sections taking into account scientific directions from among the heads of departments, leading scientists of faculties and teaching staff.

Purpose and main tasks

The NTS is created for the purpose of planning and organizing scientific research, summing up the results of scientific research (hereinafter referred to as R&D) of teachers, introducing their results into the educational process, production, as well as for the effective work of master’s and doctoral studies in the training of scientific personnel.

The main tasks of the NTS are:

  • consideration of research work plans of departments, faculties;
  • consideration of the draft state budget and contractual research with regard to the scientific directions of the departments, coordination of issues of common activity carried out with other research institutions and organizations;
  • debriefing and evaluation research departments, faculties, use the results in the educational process and production;
  • discussion research training through master’s and doctoral studies and the training of scientific personnel through courses and trainings;
  • hearing reports undergraduates, doctoral students on the implementation of individual plans;
  • examination of scientific articles for publication in scientific journals;
  • organization and conducting of scientific conferences at the University; the participation of faculty in international and national scientific conferences and innovation competitions;
  • consideration of issues of scientific-research work of students, the participation of students in scientific conferences and innovation competition of the University.

NTS functions

The main functions of the NTS include:

  • coordination of work of scientific departments in the performance of integrated research and innovation projects;
  • the development prospects of the scientific departments SCITU, directions held in their research, their compliance with the profile of training and educational programs SCITO;
  • the review of scientific works of the departments SCITO;
  • review and evaluate reports on research and innovation projects;
  • hearing of reports of the heads of the results of scientific research; reports undergraduates, doctoral students;
  • consideration of published monographs;
  • examination of scientific articles and recommendation of their publication in scientific journals;
  • consideration of the issues of information support of research and development, production and patent and licensing work;
  • analysis of the scientific interaction of the structural units SCITU, elaboration of recommendations for improving research activities SCITO.
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