HISTORY OF FACULTY Historically, the formation of the Faculty began in 1998, the year of the formation of non-state higher educational institution in West Kazakhstan – Humanitarian and Economic Institute “Dauіr”, then in September 2000, it was reorganized in West Kazakhstan Humanitarian Academy as an institution of higher education for humanitarian and pedagogical profile. Inin 2001 were the first graduates. West Kazakhstan Humanitarian Academy was among the first Kazakhstan higher education institutions signed the Bologna agreement in 2007.

Academy structure included 2 faculties uniting 6 departments, the training part, a computer center, a library, a computer department with 44 computers, 17 computers were integrated into the local network with a connection to the Internet.

Within the framework of the globalization of the learning process by combining the three universities WKGA, WKITU, KAZIITU by order of the Committee Control of Education and Science of MES RK was established a new university – West Kazakhstan Engineering Humanities University, and in 2015, the Academy became a part of the largest universities of Uralsk – West Kazakhstan Innovative  Technological  University. Today the university is a single scientific and educational innovation complex, ensuring the improvement of methodologies and technologies for training of highly qualified personnel.

STRUCTURE OF FACULTY. As part of the new university structural changes have taken place in the academy. By decision of the Academic Council of the university were abolished institutes and academies and were created faculties.

Currently, the Faculty of Education – it is five departments, “Science education”, “Finance”, “History and social humanities”, “Philology”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, educational and research centers, master department, department of Registry office, practice and employment department, personnel department and legal department, youth department, the correspondence department, publishing center, library, accounting, administrative and economic part.


Mission – to meet social and economic needs of society and the state in qualified specialists and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

Aims – to become a leading company in the training of competitive specialists, by obtaining higher professional and postgraduate education.

Tasks – drawing on the best traditions of Kazakh and world education, modern education technology to train specialists of high qualification.

  • Promoting educational and cultural level of the young republic, the formation of intellectual potential.
  • The development of creative, spiritual and physical abilities of the person, forming a solid foundation of morals and a healthy lifestyle
  • training citizenship and patriotism, love to the Motherland, the Republic of Kazakhstan, respect for state symbols, veneration of folk traditions, intolerance to anti-constitutional and anti-social manifestations.

Block-modular system is actively used in order to achieve the educational process of the faculty, the rating method, interactive methods, e-learning and monitoring programs, audio and video materials. Faculty of Education collaborates with the leading universities of Kazakhstan, as well as with the Russian universities – Saratov State University named after Chernyshevsky, Samara State University, Samara Pedagogical University, Samara Academy of Economics. Department supports international scientific relations with leading pedagogical and economic universities abroad: University of Economics (Poland, Bydgosch), Ege University (Turkey).

Today, the Faculty of Education aims to modernize vocational training through the introduction of new information and innovative technologies, the relationship of science and practice, the formation of creativity of students and teachers. The primary objective in the future is to create a higher education institution of a new type of training according to the requirements of time and become a high school of XXI century. In the context of global market relations department of their aim is to prepare a new generation competitive specialists.

Today belongs to the pedagogical faculty WKITU leadership role in the university system of teacher training. High level of training allows graduates of bachelors continue their education in magistracy.

SPECIALTY OF FACULTY.   Faculty trains specialists in five departments and 13 undergraduate majors and 4 specialties magistracy.

Specialties Bachelor :

  • Preschool training and education
  • Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education
  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Physical culture and sport
  • History
  • Basics of Law and Economics
  • Kazakh language and Literature
  • Сomputer science
  • Psychology
  • Musical education
  • Russian language and literature with non-Russian language of instruction
  • Librarianship
  • Cultural and leisure work
  • Law enforcement activity

Master’s Specialties:

  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Physical culture and sport
  • Kazakh language and Literature
  • History

CONTINGENT OF STUDENTS. In the formation of a contingent of students enrolled considered contingent choices and specialty training period, satisfying the needs of society, the state and the student. Learning pedagogical  faculty is full-time, evening and correspondence forms. Over the years, the Faculty of Education trained more than 8000 specialists. Graduates of  Pedagogical Faculty are demand in the sphere of science, education, economics, business and administrative management of the country. Today in the pedagogical faculty study more than 4 thousand undergraduate students and 100masters, which shows the level of recognition and high status of our faculty.

PROFESSORIAL – TEACHING STAFF  of the Faculty of Education from year to year increases in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Today, the faculty team of over 100 highly qualified teachers, including 5 doctors of sciences, professors, 45 associate professors, 31 master’s degree. Among the teachers there are winners medals – “Kazakh KSR khalik agartu isinin ozik kismetkeri  ” (N.N.Peresvetov), “Eren enbegi ushin” (M.G.Ahmetov, L.G.Naritsina, N.N.Peresvetov)  medal ” Ybyray Altynsarin “(B.S.Dzhumakaeva),” Kazakhstan Respublikasinin Bilim beru isinin Uzdik қyzmetkerі (B.G.Shyntemirova, R.S.Kinzhekova, R.L.Abdrahmanova, S.B.Kurmanalin, D.D.Suleymenova) , government grants “Zhogari oku orninin Uzdik okitushisi” (B.G.Shyntemirova, M.B.Sabyr, Zh.T.Ernazarov), as well as the master of sports and winners Kazaksha kures (M.O.Daupaev) have holders of diplomas and letters of thanks of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SCIENTIFIC – RESEARCH WORK. Pedagogical  Faculty has a theoretical and practical directions and is based on fundamental research.

 “Social and humanitarian aspects of scientific support for the sustainable development of Western Kazakhstan” is investigated in three areas:

  1. Cultural and institutional features of the political and legal development in Western Kazakhstan.
  2. Regional institutions of formation and education of learning technologies in a market economy.
  3. Formation and development of the infrastructure of regional economic market.
    Scientific and practical research is carried out on 6 contractual projects.
    The results of research, in addition to numerous articles, among them having Impak factor (M.K. Azhgaliev, F.I. Sobyanin, Dzhonisova G.K., Valiev E.N., Irgaliyev A.S.), published in the form 13 monographs (Sabyr MB, Shintimirova BG, Boranbaeva B.S., A.S. Irgaliyev, Suleimenov D.D., Kuanysh T.T. and a large number of teaching aids (N.N. Peresvetov, Daupaev M.O., Kairi A.B., R.S. Kenzhekova Akhmetov M.G., Sultaniyazova N.Zh and others.)


Strategic guidelines at the present stage is the formation of the person with creativity thinking, developed ideological culture, designed to facilitate the implementation of the socio-economic, humane and moral education of society and serve as an example of a new generation of patriots of their country.
Legal and methodological framework of educational work of the Faculty is based on the provisions of the law, approved by the MES of RK, government regulations and guidelines developed in the faculty.

In the Pedagogical Faculty of working groups interest for the fulfillment of individual students in a variety of areas:

  • – the vocal circle;
  • – dance club;
  • Sport section;
  • – club “Zhas Akyn”;
  • – Student Debate Center;
  • – Student CCR.

Functions Department of Youth and languages, including: Vice-Rector for Youth and languages (development and implementation of state and plans), Youth Development Centre (student government), sector of educational work (Council of curators), productive work are two youth associations “Zhas Tolkyn” youth association “Dauіr”.

MATERIAL – TECHNICAL AND SOCIAL FACILITIES. The Pedagogical  Faculty is in two multi-storey buildings, where there are cabinets of History, of tKazakh language, pedagogy, psychology, economic sciences, informatics, multimedia classrooms, a study of electronic literature, assembly and conference rooms, student dean’s office, office student activists , medical offices, restaurants and others. For students of the faculty commissioned a new modern building hostel, issituated in the territory of one of the academic buildings.

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