Faculty of languages and management

Faculty of Languages and Management – versatile, is equipped with modern material – technical base, a structural unit of the West Kazakhstan Innovation Technological University.

The special mission of our faculty – “Preparation of highly-professional, active, enthusiastic and effective action by professionals who will be in demand and will take a worthy place in society.”

Today, the Faculty of Languages and Management trains specialists of higher professional education in 8 specialties in demand in various sectors of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

6B01702 «Foreign language: two foreign languages», 6B02301 «Translation Studies», 6B04105 “Accounting and audit», 6B04102 «Economics», 6B04103 «Management», 6B041040 «State and local management”, 6B11101 “Tourism”.

An important contribution to the implementation of the Faculty’s mission are making a highly experienced and qualified teaching staff. Every second of them has a degree of candidate or doctor of sciences. Among them – the doctor of Economics, professor R.S.Gabdualieva, associate professors  M.A.Mansurova, Zh.Zh.Zhumaev, B.T.Tolebaeva, B.S.Esenaliev, A.A.Kim, G.K.Kurmanova, B.B.Sukhanberdina, S.S.Manasova, R.A.Yerniyazov, K.T.Burkitbayev, A.Zh.Makhmudov, Sh.Kh.Suerbaev, candidates of Philology A.A.Ramanova, U.K.Doukarieva,  and others.

Dynamics of 20 years of development and successful passing of institutional and specialized accreditation within the University allows us to look confidently to the future. This future is seen as providing continuing education, adherence to international quality standards, introduction of new educational technologies, maintaining competitiveness in the labour market.

Dean of the faculty of Languages and Management is a Candidate of Philology, associate Professor A.A.Ramanova

The: 8(7112)510922.

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