Faculty of Engineering and Humanities

Engineer and Humanities Faculty is one of the largest departments of the University and provides training of technical personnel for enterprises and organizations of various branches of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Faculty enrolls more than 3000 students.

The faculty has scientific relations with leading universities and research centers of Kazakhstan, Russia and other foreign countries.

Graduates of the Faculty directly demand such major organizations as the JSC “Condensate” KPO b.v. company, JSC “ZKKSM”, JSC “West Kazakhstan Corporation of Construction Materials”, and at the same time actively developing energy companies, construction, mining and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, machinery, integrated development of mineral raw materials, transport, agro-industry and law.

Today, Engineer and Humanities Faculty combines 5 producing Chairs:
– Ecology and biotechnology

– Technics and techology
– Oil and gas business
– Humanities and legal disciplines
– Construction and architecture

We are always glad to see you at our Faculty of highly motivated, active and ambitious young people, aimed at getting a better education, open to new knowledge and a full-fledged dialogue.

  • Republic of Kazakhstan
    090000, Uralsk
    N. Nazarbayev Avenue, 208