Department of “Natural Sciences”

The department of “Natural Sciences” is a graduating department for educational programs:

6В01401-Physical Culture and Sports (bachelor’s degree),

6В01501-Informatics (bachelor’s degree),

7N01401-Physical Culture and Sports (magistracy).

Experienced lecturers made a great contribution to the formation and development of the scientific and educational potential of the Department of “Natural Sciences”: Candidate of Pedagogy, professor Peresvetov Nikolay Nikolayevich, Candidate of Pedagogy, professor, Master of Sports Daupaev Marat Orazalievich, Candidate of Pedagogy, professor Sobyanin Fedor Ivanovich, Candidate of Pedagogy, associate professor Urakchintseva Galina Vladimirovna, Candidates of Biology, associate professor Dzhumakaeva Klara Sabirovna, Candidate of Pedagogy, associate professor Akhmetov Mereke Gusmanovich, honored trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan T. Yeseyev, Larionov Alesey Stanislavovich and others.

In 2019, senior lecturers Bakesova R.M. and Mendigalieva A.S. defended doctoral dissertations for the Ph.D.

Currently, 30 lecturers work at the department: 10 Candidates of Pedagogy, 1 Candidate of Chemistry, 3 Candidates of Biology, 2 Doctors of philosophy, 4 honored trainers, 13 masters.

Today, one of the strategic directions in the activities of the department of “Natural Science Discipline” is research work, as an integral part of the educational process and the most important condition for improving the quality of education. The scientific work and innovative activity of the department includes such areas as: features of physical education and sports training, wellness and adaptive physical culture of students. All teachers of the department are involved in the implementation of scientific work on the topic: “Sports and Local Lore”. At the same time, the department pays great attention to the scientific work of students, which is an organic part, an integrated system of training specialists who can creatively solve the problems they face in various industries and fields of activity.

The result of the research work of the department is the annual participation of teachers, undergraduates and students in national and international scientific and practical conferences, competitions that are held in the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

In order to increase the pedagogical level, the department organized mutual attendance of classes, a methodical seminar on pressing issues in the field of physical culture and sports is working. Teachers improve their skills at various seminars, courses, and also participate in competitions in the region and city, where they have the opportunity to exchange pedagogical experience.

To attract university students to the systematic classes by the department and the “Barys” sports club, a lot of work is being done to organize mass sports and recreational activities, to ensure a healthy lifestyle. “Barys” Sports Club was established at the beginning of the 2008 school year. Master, senior lecturer Turdaliev Rauan Muratovich was elected Chairman of the Sports Club.

The purpose of the Sports Club’s formation was the need to improve forms and improve the quality of mass sports at the University, create a more effective system of sports and recreational activities at the University, more fully meet the needs of students, undergraduates, teachers and employees of the University in sports; active and targeted promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The main tasks entrusted to the Sports Club, together with the Department of Physical Culture, is the organization of sports sections in sports. The most popular sports are basketball, volleyball, Kazakh national wrestling, weight-lifting, arm wrestling and others.

The department and the sports club annually hold Health Day among freshmen of the university, lecturers and employees, in which more than two hundred people take part.



The participants of the regional student seminar.


The sub-faculty meeting of  “Natural Sciences”.  Dean of Pedagogical Faculty of the WKITU, Candidate of Chemistry, Professor Dzhumakayeva Bayan Sabirovna is making report of scientific-research work organization


Ph. D., Professor Sobyanin Feodor Ivanovich is giving a scientific-methodological seminar for undergraduates and students

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