Department of «Economics and management»

Department of Economics and Management


The formation of the Department of Economics and Management was dictated by the requirements of market relations, the need to develop and form new standards of thinking and behavior of people.

The department prepares bachelors and masters in the following educational programs:

-according to the educational program 7M04102 «Economics» (Master’s degree);

-according to the educational program 6B04102 «Economics» (bachelor’s degree);

-according to the educational program 6B04103 «Management» (bachelor’s degree);

-according to the educational program 6B04104 «State and local government» (bachelor’s degree).

-according to the educational program 6B04107 «Economics and management (by industry)» (bachelor’s degree).

The Department of Economics and Management is a graduate, which imposes special responsibilities for the organization of the educational process. The main attention is paid to the quality of teaching, the use of the latest information technologies, effective control over the improvement and development of educational material.

Head of the Department «Economics and Management» Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate Professor Mansurova Magripa Aubakirovna.



The number of teaching staff of the Department of economics and management is 18 people, including 15 full-time, part–time workers – 3.

The department employs 6 candidates of economic Sciences, 9 senior teachers, including 7 Masters of Economic Sciences, 2 senior teachers.


The quality of the educational process is ensured by highly qualified teaching staff. In the process of teaching, in addition to traditional methods, they widely use techniques and methods based on the use of modern pedagogical and information technologies.

Active educational and scientific-methodical work of such scientists as Gabdualieva Raushan Smadinovna, Tolebayeva Batima Tolebayevna, Suerbayev Shaidolla Khamitovich, Mahmudov Askar Dzhumatayevich, Yesenaliev Berik Saginovich, Dogalov Amangeldy Nazhimedenuly and their professionalism contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and management.

The main objectives of the department: development of priority areas in educational and scientific activities, improvement of personnel policy.

The main activities of the department:

-ensuring high-quality work of students and teachers;

-optimization of the forms of the educational process;

-implementation of continuous monitoring of students’ achievements in the learning process;

-increasing teachers’ responsibility for the quality of education;

-formation of skills of self-organization of educational work and self-assessment of students;

-fuller realization of individual abilities of students, professional and creative potential of teachers;

-activation of scientific activity of teachers and students.

The educational and methodological work of the department is largely determined by the needs of the labor market and is regularly improved. The department develops and implements programs focused on the needs of employers, and creates mechanisms to continuously monitor changes in the labor market and the requirements of the main consumers for the quality of education.

The organization of educational and methodical work at the Department of Economics and Management involves the development, updating and approval in accordance with the established procedure of standard and training programs for educational programs, planning and preparation for the publication of educational and teaching aids, development and updating of the content of the lecture course, improvement of methodological guidelines for practical classes, forms of knowledge control, organization and activation of independent work of students, improvement of pedagogical skills of the teaching staff of the department.

The teaching staff is constantly improving their qualifications and pedagogical skills. Textbooks and guidelines are issued annually.


In the course of educational and methodological work, the process of passing by students and undergraduates of the department of various types of professional practice is regulated. Professional practice is an integral part of the main educational program of higher professional education, aimed at consolidating and deepening the knowledge acquired by students in the process of theoretical training, acquiring the necessary skills, skills and practical experience in the educational program.

Students undergo professional practice in such organizations as NCE «Atameken», GU «Department of Entrepreneurship of Uralsk», GU «Department of Economics and Budget Planning of the West Kazakhstan region», GU «Management of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and innovative Development of the West Kazakhstan region», the offices of akims of district and rural districts, LLP «Qazstroykompany», LLP «IT Group Kazakhstan», etc.

The research work of the department is implemented within the framework of the contractual theme: «Innovative economy of the region and ways to improve it».

The research work of the teaching staff within these areas has an initiative and search character. The main final results are the defense of dissertations, the writing of monographs, textbooks, articles, presentations at scientific and practical conferences, updating of educational and lecture material. The results of the research are reflected in the reports on the research work of teachers for the year.

The teaching staff of the department is constantly engaged in scientific work, publishes scientific articles in various scientific publications, participates in scientific and practical conferences, competitions; conducts the work of scientific circles; carries out scientific management of student and master’s works.

Students of the OP Economics, Management, State and Local Administration are the winners of the Republican Olympiad among economic specialties.

In 2017, following the results of the XVI Republican Olympiad in Economics «The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness» at the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, the team «Leaders of the Future» took 1st place and became the owner of the Rolling Cup of the Republican Olympiad in economic specialties.

In 2018, as a Passing cup of the Republican Olympiad, ZKITU became the base university for the XVII Republican Olympiad «Innovation and Modernization of the Economy» among students of economic specialties. According to the results of the Republican Olympiad, the Young Leaders team took 2nd place.

In 2019, following the results of the XVIII Republican Olympiad in economic specialties «Innovative ideas and technologies in business» at Aktobe Regional State University named after K.Zhubanov, the team «Generation of the Future», representing the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technology University, took 2nd place. As the Olympiad jury noted, the performance of the team was the most dynamic, creative and memorable. Scientific supervisor – Master of Economics, senior lecturer Tulegenova Ainagul Utegenovna.


The organization of the educational process at the department is a socially significant and important direction of social development. In the conditions of modern socio-economic development of society, the education of young people is aimed at the spiritual and moral development of the individual, its professional definition and growth. Educational work with students is focused on the development of the individual’s need to achieve personal success, the realization of their goals and objectives, the formation of independence, self-affirmation, the development of self-sufficiency of the individual, its main qualities contributing to inclusion in various spheres of social life, obtaining a certain specialization, professional development.


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