Department History and Law

Department’s history begins since 1998. And from the first days of its activity, a newly formed small team of teachers-historians and scientists paid special attention mainly to the training of professional historians, with deep knowledge in the study of the ancient, medieval, new and modern period of our country’s history. At the same time, along with the national history, the department strives to teach students the scientific and methodological foundations of world history. Within the scope of its functional duties, the department began training specialists in higher educational institutions in social disciplines and the humanities.

At the first stage of the activity, one of the most difficult tasks facing the department was the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel on History of Kazakhstan and on World History and the recruitment of qualified specialists. As a result, the department was replenished with Doctor of History  Rysbekova S.T., Candidate of History  Kurmanalin S.B., Candidate of History  Yernazarov Zh.T., Candidate of History  Balykova A.M., Candidate of History Bizhanova A.E., PhD Kalmenov M.D., Candidate of History  Yurov O.V., Candidate of Philosophy  Khairushin Zh.K. The result of effective use of the educational structure and achievements of specific results by teachers in the field of scientific research by the university and the department of internal resources was the successful defense of Candidates’ theses by Suleimenova D.D. in 2004, Boranbayeva 2009 and Abdrakhmanova R.L. in 2010.

Under the new conditions, since 2000, when the university began to function in the status of the Academy, the department in the organization of educational, methodological, research and creative work has reached a high level of development. First of all, the material and technical base of the department was strengthened, educational rooms and laboratories equipped with computers and other technical means of teaching. Currently, the training of students focuses on the use of new innovative teaching methods, electronic textbooks, and on their basis, new educational programs are being introduced into the educational process. Realizing the main provisions and changes in the main normative documents on the prospective development of the education system, in particular the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, state standards in the field of higher education and postgraduate education, as well as the requirements of international development experience, the department also makes significant changes in its scope of activities. Thus, the department is corresponding to the Bologna process according to the three-level training of personnel, it conducts graduates with an academic degree of bachelor since 2003, and since 2006 specialists with an academic master’s degree, and the most prepared part of young teachers are trained in doctoral studies, followed by obtaining an academic degree Doctor PhD.

The Department of History and law of the University has achieved great results in the field of scientific and pedagogical research and has become one of the major scientific centers in the Western region to study unexplored pages of Kazakhstan history.

From 2019-2020 academic year, the department has given the new name to the “law enforcement service ” educational program launch. Thus, as a department of history and law, this educational structure continues to operate in its versatile nature. Today the scientific and pedagogical potential of the department is at a high level. It includes doctors of sciences (academician Rysbekov T.Z. , professor  Shintimirova B.G., professor  Rysbekova S.T., professor  Kairzhanova S.E.), candidates of sciences (professor  Kurmanalin S. B., professor  Yernazarov Zh.T., associate professor  Abdrakhmanova R.L., associate professor  Bizhanova A.E., associate professor  Khairushin Zh.K., associate professor  Yurov O.V., associate professor  Karim A.), PhD (associate professor M.D. Kalmenov).

To date, the department has a high scientific and pedagogical potential. The department includes 2 doctors of sciences, professors (academician Rysbekov T.Z., professor Shintemirova B.G.), 6 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 2 senior lecturers and 3 instructors with an academic master’s degree. The faculty of the department carries out the management of the thesis and master’s theses in the specialities “6В01601-History”, “6В01402-Fundamentals of Law and Economics”, 6В12301- Law enforcement, write fundamental scientific works on the national history of the region, textbooks, teaching aids, scientific articles, take an active part in organization and holding of various regional, republican, international scientific and theoretical conferences, forums, seminars and round tables.

Since the organization of the department, many monographs and collective works have been written, in particular, “Qazaqstan Respublikasy zhane TMD elderi integratsiyasy tarikhy (1991-2005)” (Shintimirova B.G.), “Otty zhyldar kakharmandary” (Shintimirova B.G.), ” Family ritual of Kazakhs: symbol and ritual “( Yernazarov Zh.T.),” Kishi Zhuz zhane Esset Kotibaruly bastagan ult-azattyq kuterilis “( Kurmanalin S.B.),”Batys Qazaqstannyn qala khalqy: aleumettik-demographiyalyq aspectisi (1926-1989)” (Balykova A.M.), ”Mangystau zherasty meshitteri. Underground mosques of Mangistau” (Kalmenov M.D.), “Cult underground structures of Mangistau” (Kalmenov M.D.), “Zhaiyq qalashygy – ortagasyrlyq qala madenietinin eskertkishteri” (Kalmenov M.D.), “Museology” (Bizhanova A. E.), “Oral qalasy Uly Otan sogysy zhyldarynda” (Rysbekov T.Z., Shintimirova B.G., Kalmenov M.D., Balykova A.M.).


The Department of History and law, as a scientific and methodological center, established close contacts on the exchange of experience with universities of neighboring regions of the region, for the purposes of scientific interaction and improving the level of education and training, such as Aktobe University after S.Baishev, Southern Pedagogical University of Shymkent, with the frontier universities of Orenburg, Samara of the Russian Federation, as well as with countries far abroad, in particular Goethe University, Germany.

Great interest among students of the speciality “6В01601-History”, “6В01402-Fundamentals of Law and Economics”, 6В12301- Law enforcement is evoked by the lectures of leading scientists: Doctor of History, professor Amanzholova D.A. the Russian Federation Moscow, professor Hans Jakob Schmitz fromGoethe University, Frankfurt, Germany and other foreign instructors invited by the department.

To date, the faculty of the department consists of 13 lecturers, 11 of them are full-time and 2 part-time instructors, the head of the department is Candidate of History, associate professor Balykova A.M.

Currently, the department carries out training in the specialties “6В01601-History”, “6В01402-Fundamentals of Law and Economics”, 6В12301- Law enforcement baccalaureate and in the speciality “7М01601-History” on the Master’s program.

In general, the Department of History, social disciplines and the humanities became the center of a large educational and research work of our West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University, and in fact studies the actual pages of Kazakhstan history is really a school of historians.

The purpose of the department:

– arming future specialists with historical knowledge, teaching students patriotism and humanism; modern, creative and innovative self-improvement of teachers and scientists; Assisting teachers of secondary schools in teaching and teaching methods in History of Kazakhstan.


-organization of teaching and educational work on the preparation of highly qualified specialists in Russian and Kazakh languages ​​in the pedagogical specialties “History” and “Fundamentals of Law and Economics”;

– implementation of research work on topical issues of the Fatherland History;

– for the purposes of scientific and educational cooperation, the establishment of close cooperation in the exchange of experience with the leading universities of the Western region and the border universities of Orenburg and Samara of the Russian Federation.

Research work at the department is carried out within the framework of the draft economic agreement. Subject:

  1. History and ethnography of Western Kazakhstan.
  2. National liberation movements of the XVIII-XIX centuries and historical figures of Kazakhstan.

The department provides training for the following specialties:

  • Baccalaureate:

– 6В01601- History, 6В01402 -Fundamentals of Law and Economics, 6В12301- Law enforcement



– 7М01601- History

– In general, the main focus of the department is the training of future historians, true patriots of Kazakhstan with national, humanistic views, real teachers and historians in demand on the labor market.




Candidate of Historical Sciences (2008), Associate Professor, author of more than 50 scientific articles. “The best teacher of the university (2019), Medal” For Merit in the Development of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “(2019)

Республики Казахстан» (2019 ).

  • «Батыс Қазақстанның қала халқы: әлеуметтік-демографиялық аспектісі (1926-1989 жж)». Монография. «Полиграфсервис». Uralsk, 2016.-232.
  • Батыс Қазақстанның тарихи демографиясы. Оқу құралы. Uralsk., 2019. -157
  • Mustafa Shokay is the ideologist of the Turkestan national movement. Man in India (Scopus)



Doctor of Historical Sciences (2007), Professor (2009), “Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (1992), “Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2004), “Best University Teacher” (2009). The author of more than 200 research papers.

Main scientific works:

  • Саясаттану. Учебно-методическое пособие. Алматы.1998.
  • Социология. Учебник для преподавателей и студентов средних учеб. заведении и вузов. Уральск. 2005.
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Candidate of Historical Sciences (2003), professor, author of about 100 scientific papers. “The best teacher of the university (2006),” Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan “(2019).

Fundamental works:

  • Family ceremonialism of Kazakhs: symbol and ritual (monograph). Almaty, 2003.
  • Historical study of local lore. History of the West Kazakhstan region. Uralsk, 2004.
  • Methodical instructions on design, development and creation of the educational and methodical complexes of disciplines (EMCD) for specialties of baccalaureate. Uralsk, 2005.
  • Electronic educational edition “Family ceremonialism of Kazakhs: symbol and ritual”. Uralsk, 2006.
  • A research on the traditional familial cultural symbols and their meaning in Kazakh tradition \\2012 Prairie Silk Road and the Prospects for international Economic Cooperation in the Trans-Altay Region. August 5to 12, 2012 UrumqiandAltay. China
  • Методика полевых этнографических исследований. Uralsk. 2020



Candidate of Historical Sciences (1999), Associate Professor (2003), “Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2006), “Akhmet Baitursynov Silver Medal” (2018). The author of about 100 research papers.

Fundamental historical works:

  • Қазақстан Республикасы тарихы (тарих факультеті сырттай оқу бөлімі студенттеріне арналған дәрістердің, семинарлардың, бақылау жұмыстарының тақырыптары). Уральск, 2000. – 96.
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Candidate of Historical Sciences (2011), Associate Professor, “Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (2006), “Akhmet Baitursynov Silver Medal” (2018). The author of more than 50 scientific papers.


Yurov Oleg Vinalevich

Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor, Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Author of more than 50 scientific papers

Fundamental scientific works:

  • Предпосылки политической интеграции постсоветского пространства. Монография. Уральск: ЗКГУ им. М.Утемисова, 2008. 11,75 п.л.
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  • Религиозный радикализм и экстремизм: идеология, практика и опыт противодействия. Коллективная монография. Атырау: ТОО «НИИ Когам-Общество-Society», 2016. 14,5 п.л.


Saltanat Tuyakbayevna Rysbekova

Doctor of  Historical Sciences, Author of more than 70 scientific papers


Kairzhanova Solidat Yelegenovna

Candidate of Legal Sciences, Professor. More than 50 scientific papers

Fundamental scientific works:

  1. Отдельные меры в противодействии и профилактике коррупционных преступлений в Казахстане . Международная научно-практическая конференция «Роль науки в повышении эффективности деятельности правоохранительных органов», посвященная 60-летию со дня рождения профессора кафедры уголовного права и криминологии, д.ю.н., профессора Рустемовой Г.Р. 31 августа 2016 года., с.121-125.
  2. Мировой опыт и опыт стран СНГ по наказанию за создание и хранение порнографических материалов или предметов, в том числе с использованием несовершеннолетних. Вестник Академии АПО ГП РК- 2016 года.с.8-9.
  3. Отдельные меры в противодействии и профилактике коррупционных преступлений в Казахстане. 5-международная научно-практическая конференция «Актуальные проблемы уголовного права, уголовного процесса, криминологии и уголовноисполнительного права: теория и практика кафедра уголовного права и процесса Института права и национальной безопасности 2016 года., с.312-315.


Kareem Abdukadir 

Candidate of Legal Sciences. He was awarded the order of ” Parasat “and” Kurmet”.


Candidate of Historical Sciences (2001), Associate Professor. The author of more than 50 scientific papers.

 Fundamental scientific works:

  • Музееведение. Учебное пособие. Уральск, 2016.
  • Методическое пособие по дисциплине «Современная история Казахстана». Уральск, 2017.


Candidate of Historical Sciences (2013), Associate Professor. The author of more than 70 scientific papers.

 Fundamental scientific works:

  • Культово-подземное сооружения Мангистау. Монография. Германия, 2014.
  • Жайық қалашығы – ортағасырлық қала мәдениетінің ескерткіші. Орал, 2016.



Candidate of Historical Sciences (2004), Associate Professor. The author of more than 30 scientific papers.

 Fundamental scientific works:

  • Constitutional and legal support of state-owned property management in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Mediterranean jornal of Social Sciences, 2015.
  • Forms and Mechanisms of  Regional Cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union Countries in the Field of Social Security. Mediterranean  jornal of Social Sciences, 2015.




Candidate of Philosophy (1980), Associate Professor. The author of more than 60 scientific papers.

 Fundamental scientific works:

  • Традиция в социокультурной динамике. Монография. Уральск, 1998.




Master of History, senior lecturer.


Master of History, senior lecturer.


Master of Philosophy, senior lecturer.


Master of law, senior lecturer


Klimova Lilia Adilbekovna 

master of  Law, senior Lecturer


Gabdulov Akhat Zhomartovich

master of  Law, senior Lecturer


мaster of Humanities, Senior Lecturer


senior lecturer



Master of pedagogical Sciences, Senior lecturer


Master on the specialty Jurisprudence, Senior lecturer

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