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Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you to the website of the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University.

West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University is a multidisciplinary university with many years of experience in training personnel in the field of education, business, engineering, agriculture, etc. for the western region of Kazakhstan, strives to meet the needs of employers in active, proactive, creatively thinking and effectively acting specialists …

The Faculty of Engineering and Humanities is a platform for career growth in a wide variety of sectors of the modern economy. Studying at the faculty is a guarantee of obtaining high-quality, reliable, fundamental higher education. Such education provides you with additional opportunities to familiarize yourself with the best examples of successful life arrangement, even at the present difficult time of the development of the economy of our country.

Over the years of its existence, the Faculty of Engineering and Humanities has managed to become a place of attraction for talented and creative youth. Students of our faculty have access to all modern educational and research laboratories, classrooms equipped with multimedia equipment and technology.

If you want to get a decent prestigious education, to be in demand in the labor market, to be a professional in the field of engineering and technology, come to us! We are confident that having received your education at the Faculty of Engineering and Humanities, you will have every reason for success!

Dean of the Faculty B.A. Bilashev

General information about the faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Humanities is one of the largest divisions of the university and trains engineering and technical personnel for enterprises and organizations of various sectors of the national economic complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. More than 3000 students and undergraduates study at the faculty.

The faculty has scientific ties with leading universities and research centers in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Faculty graduates are directly in demand by such large organizations as JSC “Condensate”, KPO bv, JSC “ZKKSM”, JSC “West Kazakhstan Corporation of Building Materials” and at the same time actively developing enterprises of energy, construction industry, production and processing of hydrocarbons, mechanical engineering, complex development of mineral raw materials, transport, agro-industry and jurisprudence.

Today the Faculty of Engineering and Humanities unites 5 graduating departments:

  • Ecology and biotechnology
  • Technics and techology
  • Oil and gas business
  • Humanities and legal disciplines
  • Construction and architecture

We are always glad to see motivated, active and ambitious young people at our faculty, aimed at getting the best education, open to new knowledge and full-fledged dialogue.

The list of educational programs for the 2021-2022 academic year:

Code Қазақша Русский English
Department of Ecology and Biotechnology
1 6В11201 Тіршілік әрекеті қауіпсіздігі және қоршаған ортаны қорғау Безопасность жизнедеятельности и защита окружающей среды The safety of Human life and Protection of Environment
2 6В09101 Ветеринарлық медицина Ветеринарная медицина Veterinary Medicine
3 6В09103 Ветеринария Ветеринария  Veterinary
4 6В07501 Стандарттау және сертификаттау (сала бойынша) Стандартизация и сертификация (по отраслям) Standardization, certification and Metrology (by industry)
Department of Technics and Techology
1 6В07101 Көлік, көлік техникасы және технологиялар Транспорт, транспортная техника и технологии Transport, Transport Technical Equipment
2 6В07102 Электр энергетикасы Электроэнергетика Electroenergetics
3 6В07103 Органикалық заттардың химиялық технологиясы Химическая технология органических веществ Chemical technology of organic compounds
4 6В07104 Технологиялық машиналар мен құрал-жабдықтар (сала бойынша) Технологические машины и оборудование (по отраслям) Technological machine and equipment (by industry)
5 6В11301 Көлікті пайдалану және жүк қозғалысы мен тасымалдауды ұйымдастыру Организация перевозок, движения и эксплуатация транспорта Organization of transport, movements and operations of transport
6 6В06102 Ақпараттық жүйелер Информационные системы Information system
7 6В06103 Есептеуіш техника және бағдарламалық қамтамасыз ету Вычислительная техника и программное обеспечение Computer technology and software
8 6В06104 Есептеуіш техника және  ақпараттық жүйелер Вычислительная техника и информационные системы Computer engineering and information systems
Department of Civil engineering and architecture
1 6В07301 Сәулет Архитектура Architecture
2 6В07302 Құрылыс Строительство Construction
3 6В07303 Жерге орналастыру және кадастр Землеустройство и кадастр Land management and Cadastre
Department of Oil and Gas Business
1 6В07201 Мұнай-газ ісі Нефтегазовое дело Oil and Gas Business
Department of Humanities and Law Disciplines
1 6В04201 Кеден ісі Таможенное дело Customs Affair



Көлік тасымалын, қозғалысын және пайдаланылуын құқықтық реттеу Правовое регулирование перевозки, движения и эксплуатации транспорта Legal regulation of transportation, traffic and operation of transport
3 6B04202 Юриспруденция Құқықтану Jurisprudence
Department of Oil and Gas Business
1 7М07201 Мұнай-газ ісі Нефтегазовое дело Oil and Gas Business
Department of Ecology and Biotechnology
1 7М09101 Ветеринарлық медицина Ветеринарная медицина Veterinary Medicine
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