“Courtroom” was established with the purpose of forming practical skills and capabilities for the students of “Law Enforcement”.

   The objectives of the courtroom are to ensure all students acquire professional skills and capabilities as far as practice is concerned for the following disciplines of Criminal Process, Civil process, Administrative process as well as other special courses.

   Students are being prepared in the conditions closed to real court processes. Role play conduct inside the “courtroom” develops the skills of working with process documentation, makes one understand the details behind court processes, develops ability to resolve various categories of court issues, develops ability of court public skills, students can represents their interests in court, talk in public, think logically, make conclusions etc. In other words, students are enhancing their theoretical knowledge with practical skills without coming out of the premises of the university.

   Regular scripted criminal, civil, administrative processes are being conducted in the “Courtroom” as well as representatives from prosecutor’s office, advocates’ office, court (judges, consultants, court secretaries), internal affairs bodies and other practicing bodies are being called.


 «Mediation Hall»

   Mediation is a new form of alternative regulation of disagreements with the third, neutral, impartial party that is not interested in the conflicted party. Mediator represents this party and helps all participants of the disagreement or court issue to come up with a particular agreement, at the same time parties are fully in control of the decision making process around disagreement dissolvent and conditions of its dissolvent.

   Mediation can be used in civil, labor, family and other issues, as well as criminal cases with a small or medium difficulty. Whilst actively using mediation by citizens, as well as legal entities, one can significantly reduce the load on court system, thereby increasing the quality of resolving bigger cases. According to international statistics, 30-40% of all disagreements go through the mediation processes, in 85% of cases positive results were achieved.

   The creation of the mediation hall in WKTU is initiated by the regional court within the framework of “Reconciliation: before the court, in court” program.

   In order to reduce conflicts among the youth, our students can help free law assistance.

«Forensic Office»

   “Forensic office” is used for practical classes for “Criminology” and “forensics” disciplines. The purpose of these classes is to enhance the theoretical knowledge received during the lectures.

   This forms the skills and capabilities to conduct investigative actions inside the premises, use scientific and technological methods, receive and use the information about crimes and their participants, use tactical decisions with regards to forming and accepting process related and tactical decisions, organize the work of “investigative” team. At the same time, the main method of conducting these classes is a role play format

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