First Vice-rector and Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work

Shakeshev Bekbulat Temerzhanovich

First Vice-rector and Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work, candidate of technical sciences

Address: Uralsk, N. Nazarbayev Avenue, 208

Phone: 8 (7112) 24-32-50


Mission: Promote educational preparation of a new generation of specialists, competitive on the educational market.


  1.  Planning, coordination and operational management of the educational process;
  2.  Improving the quality of training of qualified specialists to meet the requirements of the labor market and employers;

The main activities:

  • Preparation of highly qualified specialists with higher education and postgraduate education for different branches of industry, the economy and social sphere of the region;
  • Implementation of educational programs of higher professional (Bachelor), postgraduate (Master’s) education by creating the necessary conditions aimed at the formation, development and professional formation of the person on the basis of national and universal values, the achievements of science and practice;
  • The development of cooperation with university education authorities, secondary educational institutions, organizations and institutions in the region in the area of professional practice student employment;
  • Coordination of activities in order to strengthen interaction between “education – science – production” through the activities of the branches of the university departments, quality organization of all kinds of practices, the study of the labor market and to promote employment of university graduates;
  • Control of the quality of knowledge and academic performance of students of all forms of training, control over the activities of the faculties and departments of the educational process, operational control over the work of the departments during the preparation and carrying out of tests and examinations, and final state certification of students;
  • Approval of the schedule of training sessions for all forms of education in compliance with the rules of the weekly load;
  • Control over the execution of the academic calendar in the field, for the observance of PPP schedule of training sessions, curator hours and examinations;
  • Grading policy management, information management of credits disbursed and received assessments, and student academic rating (GPA);
  • Control over the process of preparation of the transfer orders, payments, recovery and re-training of students; analytical and statistical reporting; movement of students; the formation of academic groups and streams;
  • Organization and coordination of vocational guidance work in the region and of the selection committee of the University educational institutions.
  • Republic of Kazakhstan
    090000, Uralsk
    N. Nazarbayev Avenue, 208