Assistant to the Rector

Shaukeneva Svetlana Kuvaydullovna

Master of Economic Sciences

The Assistant Rector reports directly to the Rector of the university.

Assistant to the rector in order to ensure the work of the rector of the university:

– organizes the reception of visitors in a good mood, promotes the prompt consideration of proposals and requests of employees;

– prepares meetings and conferences held by the rector, business meetings, maintains and registers protocols (collecting necessary materials, notifying participants about the meeting agenda, time, place of the meeting, their registration);

– accepts official documents and personal statements sent by employees for consideration and signature of the rector;

– directs university staff in connection with the rector’s working day;

– creates favorable conditions for the reception, registration of guests, delegations visiting the university, solving production issues;

– sends a response to requests from law enforcement agencies;

– registers orders for students (enrollment, reinstatement, expulsion, name change, transfer, vacation);

– maintains confidentiality on internal information of the university;

– engages the management and specialists of the university to prepare the necessary technical documents for the rector.

  • Republic of Kazakhstan
    090000, Uralsk
    N. Nazarbayev Avenue, 208