Departament Oil and gas business and branch technologies



Ikhsanov Kairbek Aitzhanovich c.t.s, associate professor,

the Head of the department “Oil and gas engineering and industry technology”


The department “Oil and Gasengineering and industry technology” is a graduate and prepares bachelors by educational programs: 5В070800 – Oil and Gas Engineering; 5В072400 – Technological machines and equipment; 5В071800 – Electric power industry; 5В090700 –Cadastre; 5В090300 – Land Management; 5В072100 – Chemical technology of organic substances and masters on educational program 6M072800 – Oil and Gas Business.

The department has 17 full-time teachers, of whom: 1 – Professor, 6 – candidates, 4 – Associate Professors, 2 – Masters of sciences.

The average age of the faculty is 52 years. All teachers have relevant special education. Also, annually, foreign experts, professors, doctors of science, specialists from production are invited to give lectures on special subjects.

The department staff constantly improves their qualifications by participating in various seminars, trainings, master classes, attending open classes of leading teachers of the department and the university. At the meeting of the methodical seminar of the department (ISC), the quality of open and interactive classes and educational and methodological developments are reviewed and discussed.

For the high-quality organization of the educational process, 4 teaching laboratories and 3 specialized classrooms are established and function at the department.

The department provides training and practical training for students. The main bases of production practices are the leading enterprises of the region, such as: KPO b.v. company, JSC Kazburgaz, JSCUralskneftegazgeologia, JSC IntergasCentralAsia, JSCZapKazREK,JSC Condensate, LLP Ural Agricultural Experiment Station, Department of Land Cadastre and Technical Survey of Real Estate.

The department staff are actively engaged in scientific work, participating in various scientific conferences, seminars, presentations outside the university. During last 3 years, the department staff published more than 70 scientific articles and abstracts, written 7 scientific reports on the fundamental and contractual themes.

The department has a scientific student society (SSS) and scientific student circles, where more than 40 students of the 1st-4thcourses are engaged in scientific work.

Under the leadership of the department staff, students successfully present scientific works at international, republican competitions such as: “Young scientist”, “ZIAT”, “Best innovative student project”, etc.

Along with educational and scientific work, the department also conducts educational work with students. Under the guidance of group mentors, students actively participate in cultural and sporting and educational events held at the university such as “Health Day”, “Freshman Day”, “Day of the Languages”, “Golden Autumn”, “Mr. and Miss University”, “Nauryz” – Spring Festival “, etc.


Teaching staff of the department


Name Position
1 Ikhsanov Kairbek Aitzhanovich As.professor, c.t.s., the Head of the Department  
2 Bilashev Bauyrzhan Akimzhanovich Professor, c.t.s.  
3 Burkhanov Bakitzhan Zhambylovich As.professor, c.t.s.  
4 Oleinikov Sergey Vladimirovich As.professor, c.t.s.  
5 Limanskaya Valentina Borissovna Senior instructor, c.a.s.  
6 Zakharov Victor Pavlovich Senior instructor,c.t.s.  
7 Ikhsanova Saule Aitzhanovna Senior instructor, Master  
8 Mukambetkalieva Ainash Nurbulatovna Senior instructor, Master  
9 Karabalin Duisenbai Moldashevich Senior instructor  
10 Amanova Bibigul Nagashebaevna Senior instructor  
11 Martyshkina Nadezhda Mikhailovna Senior instructor  
12 Begaidarova Kalampyr Duysenbaevna Senior instructor  
13 Kalesheva Gulmira Ermukhambetovna Senior instructor
14 Gubaidullin Kumiskaly Zhubanyshevich Senior instructor  
15 Zhubanshev Bekten Umbetovich Senior instructor  
16 Kim Alexander Valerievich Senior instructor  
17 Magauov Askar Tlekkalievich Senior instructor  
Professoring teaching staff of magistracy  
1 Burakhta Vera Alekseevna Professor, d.c.s.  
2 Bilashev Bauyrzhan Akimzhanovich Professor, c.t.s.  
3 Baitlesova Laura Ilyasovna As.professor, c.c.s.  
4 Burkhanov Bakitzhan Zhambylovich As.professor, c.t.s.  
5 Ikhsanov Kairbek Aitzhanovich As.professor, c.t.s.