Капанов фото

Khaidar Khismetovich Kapanov

– Dean and Head of Department, Doctor of Philosophical (Political) Sciences.

Graduated from Abai Kazakh Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of History in 1978 and completed full-time postgraduate of the Department of Social Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1988. He passed PhD exams in Theory of State and Law at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

He conducts classes in the following subjects: Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Theory of State and Law, Municipal Law, Anti-corruption Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, State and Business, Politology, Political System of the People’s Republic of China. Areas of expertise: Political Regionalistics, Municipal Management, Region Studies. Mr. Kapanov is the 1st Vice-President of Political Research Association of the RK; a Chairman of the Regional Council for RHE Entrepreneur Rights Protection; a founder of the Academy of Labour and Social Relations (ATiSO), West Kazakhstan ‘ATiSO’ Academic College, kindergarten and primary gymnasium – Khismet Kapanov International Gymnasium of Uralsk.

Mr Kapanov worked as a teacher of history in a secondary school № 19, Uralsk; worked as a lector of Komsomol regional committee, director of ‘Forum’ socio-political centre of Party regional committee, secretary of Regional Executive Committee and Political Executive Committee of Kazakhstan Social party in komsomol and party authorities of the region and the republic.

Khaidar Kapanov: Dear students! Being student in the life of an individual is the brightest period of formation and development. It’s making friends and love! It’s a hard work on formation of thinking and intellect, creative lab. As you make your foundation, so you must live with it (an English proverb: As you make your bed, so you must lie on it). Time flies. So don’t waste time. Now studying is your work. ‘Firstly – to learn, secondly – to learn, thirdly – to learn,’ – said a classic Vladimir Lenin in the beginning of the 1920s. Dear friends, I wish you lots of success!