Humanities and Law Faculty

The humanitarian law department of WKITU according to programs of bachelor degree prepares lawyers, orientalists, foreign affairs specialists. The specialty “Law” allows to find a job and to provide career development in law enforcement agencies and other government institutions and to be engaged in private legal practice or to continue training in a magistracy with receiving legal specialization.

The specialty “International Relations” is connected with studying of the international political, economic and cultural cooperation of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community that will allow to find a job in the public authorities, the international organizations, scientific and expert structures, the private organizations which are engaged in externally political and externally economic activity.

The specialty “Oriental studies” allows to become specialists in China and the Arab countries with knowledge of the Chinese, Arab and English languages. Such preparation opens a wide choice of the directions to continuation of training in the Kazakhstan and foreign master programs.

Long-range specialty

The demand graduates

Individual approach to each student

The humanitarian- law department of the West Kazakhstan innovative and technological University invites entrants to the following specialties: Law, International relations, Oriental studies.

Students, studying in “Law” specialty specialize in civil law and judicial and investigative spheres that creates the  opportunities for employment of graduates as in law enforcement agencies (court, prosecutor’s office, police) and organs of state authorities, to local self-governments, legislative, executive power, so in banks, and business of structure. Such preparation makes graduates and students of humanitarian- law department one of the most in-demand specialists in the  labor market.

The specialty “International Relations” on the Regional studies profile is implemented at our faculty since 2001 with the support of MGIMO (U) the Russian Foreign Ministry, faculties of the international relations of the Al-Farabi Kazakh national state university, the Kazan state university, the Belarusian state university. Training of foreign affairs specialists of country experts is focused on requirements of higher education institutions, scientific centers, foreign companies, international organizations, the public associations needing experts of a similar profile. Students acquire higher education of a regional geographic orientation with knowledge of the English and French languages, specializing in studying of history, economic, political and legal systems, foreign policy of the USA and Canada. Since  2016 training of bachelors on the

Regional studies profile of a regional geographic orientation with knowledge of the English and Kazakh languages with specialization on the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) has begun.

Specialty “Oriental studies” on the “Orientalist-country expert with knowledge of the Chinese, Arab and English Languages” profile are implemented at our faculty since 1998 with  assistance of Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa, Moscow State University by Lomonosov, Institute of oriental studies of RAS, Institute of oriental studies of NAN of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Institute of oriental studies of the Kazan state university.

Such preparation opens a wide choice of the directions of studying continuation in the Kazakhstan and foreign master programs. Knowledge of east languages in connection with knowledge of English and regional geographic knowledge opens to graduates various opportunities for professional participation in development of economic, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation with China and the Arab countries.

Educational process is provided with the highly skilled teaching stuff.  More than 60% of the teachers working at faculty have an academic degree of the candidate or doctor of science. Also professorial training stuff of Kazakhstan and Russian legal and academic the oriental studying scientific research institutes and ISAA  of Lomonosov Moscow State University are attracted. In the course of training teachers and students widely use modern multimedia technical means (the criminality equipment, etc.) and innovative technologies. Students of faculty independently and under the leadership of skilled teachers take active part in the international, republican and regional scientific conferences, student’s scientific and practical round tables, a debate and the  Olympic Games.  Much attention at faculty is paid to a practical component of process. Students do practical training in various structural divisions of  Interior Affairs, prosecutor’s office, courts, law firms, in the foreign companies and the companies with participation of foreign investors, in the public institutions and public organizations dealing with issues of development of economic, cultural and humanitarian international cooperation in the Chinese and Arab companies with which the relevant agreements are concluded. To improve the quality of training in the educational building specialized classrooms are equipped: judgement-hall, a criminalistics office (with the room of inspection of place of occurrence), an cabinet of foreign languages, computer rooms with Internet and  legal databases access. At faculty the innovative educational technologies are applied. The main forms of teaching are business and role-playing games, research methods, a case method, educational trainings, rating technologies of the organization of educational process, using of Internet resources, multimedia means, specialized programs, computer testing. Online lessons  and meetings of teachers and students of faculty with the leading scientists of our country and with their foreign colleagues are held.

Students, teachers and the staff of the faculty have access to the modern educational and scientific library which contains more than 100 thousand copies of publications, and to electronic library. Research work of students is continuation and deepening of educational process and enters complex system of attraction of each student with scientific creativity, identification and development of his abilities, transfer of professional skills to him.

At faculty there were traditional forms of familiarizing of students with research work: it is work in scientific clubs; involvement of students as collaborators on various subjects; participation in scientific actions of various level; student’s publications. Young Scientists Council of university takes an active part in the organization of research work. It is the public

organization uniting on a voluntary basis of students of university for the purpose to give a possibility for each student to realize the creative and labor potential. Students participate in university, interuniversity, republican and international scientific student’s conferences.

Many students participate in the international  competition of student’s scientific works “Lomonosov” which is carried out by Lomonosov Moscow University and receive the invitation for participation in the International scientific forum of students, graduate students and young scientists.

International partnership. To improve the quality of training of specialists, their accordance  with  international level and standards, to develop integration of science and  education our faculty cooperates with the leading Universities and scientific institutions of near and far abroad. Now we have signed Contracts on cooperation in the sphere of science and education with the leading Russian, Kazakhstan and  foreign Universities. In particular, we cooperate with Translation Institute of the State University of Sun Yat Sen (the People’s Republic of China, Guangzhou). Especially close relations are established with Universities of the border areas of the Russian Federation: Orenburg, Saratov, Samara, etc.

Library of faculty. Being important structural division of university, the library activity promotes training of highly qualified specialists, development of scientific research, expeditious providing queries of readers.

For rather small term in library the unique book fund including different types of documents in the following directions is created:

  • law;
  • economy;
  • international relations;
  • diplomacy;
  • oriental studies;
  • public and local administration;
  • social humanities;
  • linguistics, etc.

Much attention is paid to replenishment of fund by periodicals – sources of extensive and

operational information. We offer more than 140 names of the Kazakhstan and Russian periodicals.   For persons who interested  in profoundly learning languages (Chinese, Arab, Italian, English, German, French) there is a rich fund of textbooks, editions on audio and video carriers. In the electronic reading room it is possible to work with “books of the 21st century”: multimedia – encyclopedias, referencebooks, electronic textbooks. For persons interested to profoundly learn languages (Chinese, Arab, Italian, English, German, French) there is a rich fund of textbooks, editions on audio and video carriers. In the electronic reading room it is possible to work with “books of the 21st century”: multimedia – encyclopedias, reference books, electronic textbooks.To services of our users the legal-reference «Paragraph» system including the legislative base and comments on all branches of the law.By means of the automated «KABIS»  program the account and computer processing of new receipts is carried out. The electronic catalog created in this program allows to conduct search in various search elements.

The library supports business contacts with all libraries of the city and together with which is spent the Week of the first-year student and mass actions devoted to festive and  anniversaries. Within the agreement with JSC «NSNTI» electronic access to data of the Thomson Reuters resources (Web of Knowledge and Ebsco) is provided, agreements with Republican interuniversity electronic library for providing the faculty, students of a bachelor degree, magistracy are also concluded by modern information educational resources. Already became traditional that the reports pr epared on the basis of our library annually are awarded prize- winning places at prestigious international scientific conferences. Realization of strategic tasks and support of the management provide sustainable perspective development of scientific library that in its  turn promotes to realization of a main objective – to enhancement of intellectual potential of our country.

Cultural and leisure component of faculty. At the faculty are created all conditions in order that versatile interests of students have been noticed and have found their application, in particular, the occupation of amateur performances, CCR, work in various student and sports clubs. Students annually participate in  various university, city and regional activities, such as birthday of faculty, Dedication to students, “Student’s spring”, the New Year’s ball, etc. Students and teachers have a tradition of annual sport competitions.  The Sports contest of students and teachers, and in  winter – competitions in cross-country skiing influence on strengthening of general mutual understanding.