Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines

Капанов фото

Khaidar Khismetovich Kapanov – Doctor of Philosophical (Political) Sciences, Professor

Dear applicants and undergraduates!

The Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines of WKITU is the graduating department on humanitarian specialties.

Nowadays, the Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines conducts training on such qualifications of bachelor program as:

  • 5В020900 – Oriental Study
  • 5В030100 – Law/Jurisprudence
  • 5В020200 – International Relations

The right choice of Higher Education Institution after finishing school is your most important decision in life!

West Kazakhstan Innovational and Technological University is the very right choice because it has got everything for interested in studying and talented students.  The Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines trains highly-qualified, competitive specialists who meet the requirements of contemporary market.

You are welcome to West Kazakhstan Innovational and Technological University!

The Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines conducts professional training of specialists the aim of which is the realization of rules of law, law enforcement and strengthening of the rule of law in various spheres of social life while protecting public and private interests (on specialty Law), expert-analytical, organizational and managerial, translating, referent, educational work (on specialty Oriental Studies).

There are 27 highly-qualified lecturers working for the Department: 1 of them is a doctor of sciences, 12 are candidates of sciences, 5 are masters. They are staff lecturers.

Training and Methodology Work

Today it is getting more and more interesting to study at Higher Education Institution because the university is shifting from traditional methods of training to active training forms. Block-modular system, rating methods, interactive methods, electronic training and controlling programs, audio and video materials are used intensively in the process of education.

Educational programs of the Department have a range of competitive advantages:

  • Combination of fundamentality and practical direction of knowledge and skills is provided
  • Permanent updating of studying material based on monitoring the development of modern information technologies

The labs of Forensic Science, Information and Information Technologies have the modern equipment. Information Study Room is connected to a local network.

The interactive training methodic complexes in disciplines of the department are worked out. The complex includes all necessary materials for individual subject acquisition with the use of the Internet, theoretical materials, practical tasks, test block. etc.

Eventually, it is being planned the further introduction of information technologies to automate the university.

Research Work of the Department

Education and science are the main factors of economy. The World Declaration on Higher Education for XXI highlights that no country is able to provide real sustainable economic development without the proper higher education and modern research institutions with qualified and educated people. Within the realization of these objectives the Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines has set a continuous a course for expansion of research activity by integration of science and production.

The topic of Department’s research works is ‘Political and Law, Socio-economic and Humanitarian aspects of Area Development of Kazakhstan’.

The Department researchers take part in the realization of a range of big international and interregional scientific projects on expert accompany of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science; and also on the issues of regional security in Central Asian Region. The Department researchers and the Informational and Analytical Centre of Lomonosov Moscow State University were both the organizers of ‘West Kazakhstan – Ural-Volga Region’ interregional scientific and cultural forums, supported by the Nation Assembly of the RK and ‘Samruk-Kazyna’ Fund.

The researchers worked out a range of scientific and applied development programs – ‘Area Development of Uralsk City in 2010-2015’; ‘Municipality Development in Uralsk in 2010-2012’, on development of entrepreneurship. At the present time the researchers are the members of expert pool of ‘Atameken’ Regional House of Entrepreneurs, the Regional Council for RHE Entrepreneur Rights Protection and central government bodies on development of ‘Municipality Conception in Kazakhstan till 2020’ and related legislation (Candidate in Law Sciences M. Gabdualiyev). Politologists (Kh. Kapanov, K. Kapanov, S. Kulmatov, M. Gabdualiyev, N. Ossipov) were active participators of foundation of the RK Congress of Politologists and the RK Political Research Association, and Mr. Kh. Kapanov was elected as the 1st Vice-President of the Association.

The researchers also perform contractual research works for 1,500,000 tenge on the following themes: ‘Law Issues of Construction Contract in the Road Construction Sector’, ‘National, Cultural and Religious Process Development in the countries of Central Asian Region’, ‘Personnel Assessment: System and Methods of Assessment’.

Scientific library is one of the best on humanitarian and law literature and there are 110,562 documents, 12,467 of them are scientific literature fund, 97,339 are study and methodological literature, 756 are in electronic and magnet media. The literature is used by lecturers, master students and students.

There are more than 200 publications in scientific journals, internet-resources, monographs and scientific-methodological aids over the last 2 years. Training of research staff at the Faculty is provided through a master and a PhD programs. The Faculty has trained 3 candidates of law sciences, 6 masters. 4 instructors are completing theses at Samara State University of Economics.

Scientific contribution of the Department researchers is important for the development of WKO and is positively assessed by the scientific-expert state community and the Eurasian Economic Union.

Students’ research work is taken into a great consideration. Instructors directly participate in students’ research work as the supervisors of scientific clubs, graduation projects and internship. Scientific clubs of the Faculty: ‘Themis’ Scientific Club, ‘Analyst’ Sociology Research Club, ‘Lady Bird’ English Club

Professional Internship

Professional internship aims to consolidate the studied knowledge at higher education institution, to acquire practical skills and to master effective experience.

The Department maintains creative connections with judicial and law enforcement bodies, production enterprises and research institutions.

Students complete internship at Uralsk City Court, Specialized Administrative Court, Bar Association, The Great Wall Kazakhstan-China Drilling Company LLP, secondary schools, etc.

Educational Work

The Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines creates good conditions which give opportunities to realize creative activity of students. Student life is not only the process of knowledge and professional skills acquisition but it’s the important personal development stage and future socio-cultural status determination stage. That is why the arrangement of leisure activities plays a great role in the process of educating.

To solve the educational and study tasks in groups advisers use various forms and methods of work, the main ones are: involving students in the work of scientific societies, conversations, disputes, meetings with the Great Patriotic War veterans, veterans of sport, labour, scientists and artists, tours to historical places, cultural expeditions, etc.

The Department of Humanitarian and Law Disciplines seeks to create all the necessary conditions for successful study and fruitful creative work.

Welcome to WKITU!