Department of Ecology and Biotechnology


Head of the Chair Ph.D., docent Baitlessova Laura Ilyasovna

 West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University (WKITU) is one of the largest university in the region, a multi-profile university, the walls of which are preparing highly qualified specialists for the needs of the Preuralsk and the state as a whole. The Chair of Ecology and Biotechnology is a structural department of Engineer and Technological Department of West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University, and prepares students for the following specialties:

  1. 5B060800 “Ecology”
  2. 5B120100 “Veterinary Medicine”
  3. 5B120200 “Veterinary Sanitation”
  4. 5B073200 “Standardization, Metrology and Certification”
  5. 5B073100 “Life safety and environmental protection”
  6. 5B090700 “Land survey”
  7. 5B090300 “Land Utilization”
ФИО Должность Ученая степень
1 Baitlessova Laura Ilyasovna The Head of the Chair, docent c.h.s.
2 Baitlessov Erbulat Upievich Professor c.b.s.
3 Bozymov Kazybay Karaevich Professor c.a.s.
4 Bozymova Raisa Upievna  docent c.a.s.
5 Bozymova Aigul Kazybaevna  docent c.a.s.
6 Khon Vladimir Nikolayevich  docent c.a.s.
7 Zavadskaya Larisa Nikolayevna  docent c.b.s.
8 Kostarev Alexander Sergeevich  docent c.b.s.
9 Dzhubayalieva Alia Kuspanovna  docent c.b.s.
10 Suhanberdina Farida Khassanovna  docent c.m.s.
11 Nukaeva Razia Amantaevna Senior instructor c.a.s.
12 Limanskaya Valentina Borisovna Senior instructor c.a.s.
13 Shektybaeva Gulshat Hibatovna Senior instructor c.a.s.
14 Ikhsanova Saule Aitzhanovna Senior instructor, Master of Land Utilization
15 Kenessarina Kunsaya Honirovna Senior instructor, Master of biology
16 Zhubantaeva Altyn Nurymovna Senior instructor, Master of v.s.
17 Қaiyrly Ayazhan Kadyrzhanovna Senior instructor, Master of n.s.
18 Tapishev Mukhanbet Salamatovich Senior instructor, Master of ecology
19 Zhumagaliyev Isatai Kenesovich Senior instructor, Master of a.s.
20 Shabakov Berik Erlanovich Senior instructor, Master of t.s.
21 Toleuova Raushangul Nurlanovna Senior instructor, Master of n.s.
22 Kuzhebaeva Ulbolsyn Zhangazievna Senior instructor, Master of v.s.
23 Zotova Olga Alexandrovna Senior instructor, Master of p.s.
24 Begaidarova Kalampyr Duisenbayevna Senior instructor
25 Bissenova Gulzhamal Tursynbekovna Senior instructor
26 Zhumagalieva Ainagul Temirbekovna Assistant,

Master of zoo technology

Educational and Methodical work

The purpose of educational-methodical work of the Chair – is a providing of training with necessary materials, improvement of pedagogical skills of teachers, improvement of classroom and independent work of students, improvement in all shapes, forms and methods of educational work. Educational work is carried out according to the standards and curriculum specialists. Staff of the department is actively involved in educational seminars on improving the exchange of teaching methods according to the profile of the department, the new information technologies in education, the organization of independent work of students, improve the level of professional and methodological skills.

Instructors of the Chair teach lessons of innovative type using multimedia technologies, open lessons in the form of business games, presentations, brainstorming sessions, press conferences, debates.

Research scientific work

Faculty staff of the Chair conducts with applied research in topical areas, the appropriate profile of the University. In 2015, a research project on environmental monitoring of the environment of Chinarevskiy oil and gas field has received grant funding of MES Science Committee. Also, the Chair carried out research on the contractual, comprehensive, proactive subjects. Instructors of the Chair take an active part in international and national scientific conferences, forums and meetings. Students of the Chair of ecology and biotechnology are actively involved into research work, are members of the group “Globe” and “morphology”, participate in scientific conferences, competitions and win prizes. Every year students of the department participate in the Republican contest of research works of students of the MES RK, are the holders of diplomas to the winners. Also, students make presentations and take prize-winning places on the republican and regional competitions of innovative student projects, students and young scientists “The INNOVA”, “Gylym sharaynasy”, “Parasatty zhas galym” “We are the energy of the future.”


Students of the Chair’s specialties have practice in the leading blighty and foreign companies and enterprises, such as KPO b.v. company, JSC “Condensate”, SRI “Hydroinstrument”, LLP “Zhaiykmunay”, LLP “Ekozheruiyk”, LLP “Aspan” WKMK, Department of natural resources and environmental control of West Kazakhstan region, SD “Department of ecology at WKO Committee of ecological regulation, control and state inspection in oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan Ministry of energy, the West-Kazakhstan branch of RSE” KazInMetr “West Kazakhstan Corporation of building materials, MZhBK” HydroromashOrion “, LLP” Kazakhstan Centre of Metrology “, in the services and offices for the prevention and elimination of emergencies RK. 80% of graduates are employed.

Educational work

The aim of educational work is the formation of professional and mobile, competitive person with a creative mindset, ready for continuous learning and self-development in conditions of high innovation dynamics in professional work, developed ideological culture, designed to facilitate the implementation of the socio-economic, humane and moral education of society, able to maintain peace and harmony among the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The work plan of curators is composed the Chair, which provides educational activities. The discussions of annual messages of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan are held on the curatorial hours, the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the law “On education”. Formal events are held, they are devoted to the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Victory Day, the holiday Nauryz. In addition, at the curatorial hours deals with the state of progress and attendance of students, ethics and culture of behavior, healthy lifestyles, crime prevention. Annually, there are students meeting with substance abuse center employees, health care and law enforcement. Students of supervised groups are actively involved in university activities, “Dedication to students”, “Autumn dance”, “Student Spring”.