Department of “Pedagogics and Psychology”

Department of “Pedagogics and Psychology” trains bachelors and masters in the following specialties:

  • 5B010300 “Pedagogics and Psychology”
  • 5B010100 “Preschool training and education”
  • 5B050300 “Psychology”
  • 6M010300 “Pedagogics and Psychology”.

Also, the Department provides teaching in the disciplines of the cycle of Pedagogics and Psychology of the University in all specialties.

Each year, the quantitative and qualitative composition of teachers of the department increases, currently employs 25 professionals. Among them – 1 doctor of sciences, 12 candidates of sciences (with academic degree 50%), 12 senior instructors and 2 instructors. Training of specialists engaged teachers with scientific degrees: Doctor of Pedagogics, prof. Yarushkin N.N., Doctor of Pedagogics, Candidate of Psychology, prof. Sarsenbayeva B.I., Candidate of Pedagogics, prof. Lomonosov I.M., Candidates of Pedagogics, Associate Professors Kinzhekova R.S., Kolesova L.G., Obydenkina L.V., Akhmetov M.G., Dzhonisova G.K., Candidate of Psychology Nurgaliyev K.A. The quality of organization of the educational process involved experienced teachers: Senior instructor Naritsina L.G., masters of psychology and pedagogics, Kurmangaliyeva Zh.K., Kirillina N.P., Zhumagulova G.A., Kadyrzhanova Zh.E.

The department trains bachelors, specialists in working curricula in accordance with the SES RK with the terms of study – full-time – 4 years of training, distance learning-3 years, 2 years.


Head of the Department: Kinzhekova Ryskanym Salimovna

Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor

Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan  Kinzhekova R.S. deals with problems of teaching methods and study of psychological and pedagogical foundations of teachers training and the organization of educational process in high school. She is the author of over 40 scientific articles and 3 teaching aids. The research results were published in collections of scientific journals in Bishkek, Ufa, etc.


Akhmetov Mereke Gusmanovich

Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor

The skilled person, who collected experience over many years of working in the Research Institute of advanced training of teachers and professional training. He live throughthe certain stages in the pedagogical service. Life of work, beginning from the teacher at school till the status of instructor at the university, indicates a huge experience in the education of young generation. Mereke Gusmanovich constantly improving his self-education. He has about 70 scientific articles. Present day he holds a course of lectures devoted to the issues of school managementand  methodology of use new technologies in higher education.


Dzhonisova Gulzhiyan Kabdolgalievna

Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor of WKITU.

Successfully defended her Candidate of Pedagogics thesis on the joint dissertation council of AtyrauState University on the conferment academic degree of Doctor of Pedagogics Database 14.61.02, on the subject.”Formation of national values orientation in educational process for primary school pupils” on the specialty 13.00.01.”General pedagogics, history of pedagogics and ethnopedagogics formation. Supervisor of studies – Doctor of Pedagogics, professor Kozhakhmetova K.Zh.

The conclusions of scientific research have been published in collections of scientific conferences, national publications.

Released a teaching aid “Scientific and methodological fundamentals of formation of national values orientation in educational process for primary school pupils” (7.68 pl.; 2011.); center “of IT” WKSU was issued its 6-modular electronic textbook “Fundamentals of national values”.


 KolesovaLyudmila Gennadievna

Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor of WKITU

Highly skilled professionals. Kolesova L.G.She has extensive experience in the education system. This gives her the opportunity to use my experience in the training and education of young people.

Students appreciate KolesovaL.G. as a lecturer and as an instructor in educational research of any kind and scale. Every year KolesovL.G. prepares students to participate in scientific conferences. According to the study the problem of the scientist published a number of publications and made presentations at scientific conferences and forums of regional and international scale. Kolesov LG organized a joint WKAH WKO-IPK and PPK scientific – practical conference “Psycho-pedagogical support of professional self-determination of teenagers.”


Obydenkina Larisa Valentinovna

Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor WKITU.

Theme of dissertation “Pedagogical conditions of professional self-development of teachers based on teaching portals” (specialty 13.00.08 – theory and methods of professional education) is directly related to the practice, is a significant contribution to the development of a methodology of work to ensure the professional growth and formation of teachers.

Obydenkina L.V.was included by the Ministry of Educationin the group of developers of new models of professional development of teaching staff MES system. She has more than 40 publications in scientific and pedagogical periodicals, collections of scientific and practical conferences, national and international level. In 2011, Larisa Valentinovna held training courses on the program “Improvement of professional skill and retraining of personnel: the modernization of the content of the forms, methods and technologies of training” on the basis of «FOLKGHOGCKOLA» (Finland), Stockholm University (Sweden), University of Tartu (Estonia), and the National Research University “Higher school of Economics” (Moscow).


Irgaliyev Asylbek Sapargalievich – PhD, associate professor WKITU. Author of over 60 scientific papers; electronic publications “Social and Pedagogical Dictionary” (2010), “Social pedagogy” (2011), a monograph “Fundamentals of socialization” (2011), “Family education” (2012), “Social pedagogics” (2013).

Nurgaliyev Kenes Aytzhanovich – Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor. He has extensive experience in the education system and the control system in the different foreign firms. This makes it possible to use its experience in the training and education of young people. His lectures are of high scientific and theoretical level, it effectively investigated the problem associated with the development of thought on this issue published numerous textbooks and articles. In 2007, he was invited to the chair of pedagogics and psychology inWKAH for education and training of graduate students in psychology. At present day, under his leadershipprepared and successfully defended 8 master’s theses on psychology, 4 ready to defend the thesis.


With a view to the formation of scientific-theoretical, methodological knowledge and training of future professionals conducting classes organized in the form of debates, trainings, business games, and the effective use of information technology and electronic books.

Research work

The department conducts research work in the direction of social and humanities profile, adoption of new technologies in the process of teaching and education, use of modern science achievements in the teaching specialists. The main directions of research work of the faculty: Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor Kinzhekova R.S.conducts scientific work on psychological and pedagogical fundamentals of teacher training; Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor Kolesova L.G.- Psychological and pedagogical fundamentals of the organization of the teaching staff’s work, also the relationship between the teaching staff and families; Candidate of Psychology, associate professor NurgalievK.A.-Ethnopsychological particular solution of problem situations; Candidate of Pedagogics, professor Lomonosov I.M.- Development of professional competence of university teachers; Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor Akhmetov M.G.- The system of organization of independent work of students in pedagogical disciplines; Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor Dzhonisova G.K.- Formation of national values orientation in teaching and educational process atprimary school. The results of the scientific research work published in scientific journals and presented in the form of reports at various conferences.

Among the masters of the department also conducted research work on the following actual problems of psychology and pedagogics: Master Kadyrzhanova Zh.E.- “Peculiarities of correctional work with problem children”; Kurmangalieva Zh.K.-“Peculiarities of comprehensive diagnostics of children with mental retardation at secondary school”. Master of Pedagogics and Psychology Khalikova B.T.- “Pedagogical conditions of formation  research students’activity in credit system education”; Master of Psychology Amangeldieva B.N.- “Behavioral characteristics of adolescents from divorced families”.


The department organized and held an international scientific-practical conference “Problems and prospects of teacher training at the present stage.” It organizes conferences to exchange experiences between the universities of Kazakhstan and Russia on the issue of teacher training, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies in education. Was made at a meeting of the reports of the representatives of Russian universities: Chernyaeva T.N.Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor of SSU after ChernyshevskyN.G., Saratov.; Sobyanin F.I.Professor of Belgorod State University and head of the Department of Psychology of the University “Turan” Doctor of Pedagogics Zhanpeyisova Korlan Kabykenkenovna (Almaty) have been devoted to the modernization of the higher pedagogical education, as well as the value of physical culture and instilling a healthy way of life.

The department supervises the educational, research, training practice on the pedagogical specialities. Pedagogical practice, forming students professsional skills, systematically and consistently thought out and completely methodically provided.

Educational activities for students are held to improve professional skills, a sense of duty and responsibility, recognition and love for the chosen specialty. In carrying out educational activities give great importance to education entities, control of the introduction of new technologies and its effectiveness in practice.

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