Foreign Languages and Translation Studies


Head of the Department – “Foreign Languages and Translation Studies” – Candidate of Philology, Professor, Vice-President of the National Association of Teachers of English RK (NATEK) -Doukarieva Uldai.

Today you stand in front of the most important choices in your life – the choice of the way to go on that will help you purposefulness, diligence, curiosity, and the knowledge and skills that you get in your chosen institution. Those who want to get high-quality higher education, to study foreign languages, to reveal their creative abilities await you in the West Kazakhstan Innovative Technological University.

In modern times, the determining factor in the competitiveness of any nation is the level of education and intellectual potential of society. As the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev in his Epistle to the Nation “… today the main task is to continue the modernization of education.” In his Epistle the first President has covered all the main directions and set priorities for the further development of education. “First of all, it is a functional training of our students, the introduction of new learning technologies and, most importantly for us, the university – training of future specialists of international level, harmoniously and comprehensively developed. This places upon us a huge responsibility and identifies new challenges and directions “, – said the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev in his Epistle to the people of Kazakhstan.

The implementation this mission lies not only on the national universities with special status, but also on private educational institutions.

It is generally accepted that the study of foreign languages is one of the priorities of higher education. To own language – it means to know the world around us.

In modern conditions of foreign language becomes obligatory component of the professional characteristics of a specialist of any profile that can successfully carry out their professional activities. In addition, a foreign language now appears as a real and meaningful means of communication, a means of initiation to the world culture to the world education and science, to the opportunity to travel, to work, to grow professionally.

When you receive our student card, you will immediately become part of a large and happy family. Students of our faculty have access to a rich base of scientific and methodical literature, to all audiences, equipped with multimedia equipment and appliances.

Level of education on specialties recognized by the relevant international standards, as confirmed by international certificates. To adapt to the new environment will help you and curators, and the students themselves, as we fully support and develop Student governing.

If you want to be confident in their future, are going to be in demand specialist in the labor market, dreaming of a bright student working days and holidays, do not hesitate for a long time and act on specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages” and “Translation Studies”  of West Kazakhstan Innovative Technological University. Our doors are open and we are waiting for each of you!

According to the department of “Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Studies” are trained in the following educational programs:

  • 6B01702 “Foreign language: two foreign languages”,
  • 6B02301- “Translation Studies”.

Persons who have completed training in the educational program 6B01702 “Foreign language: two foreign languages” – diploma of higher education with the award of the academic degree “Bachelor of Education”

Persons who have completed training in the specialty 6B02301- “Translation Studies” – diploma of higher education with the award of the academic degree “Bachelor of the Humanitarian studies”

Bachelor of “Foreign language: two foreign languages” educational program can perform the following professional activities:

Teaching professional activity in a specially-organized public educational institutions:

  • secondary schools,
  • gymnasiums, lyceums,
  • professional and technical schools,
  • colleges,
  • higher education institutions,
  • public institutions,
  • additional education establishments,
  • advanced training and retraining,
  • foreign and domestic commercial organizations.


Bachelor of “Translation Studies” educational program can perform the following professional activities:

  • translation (translation of different genres of texts and documents, oral translation at negotiations, international meetings and conferences),
  • organizational (organization and conduct of various events, the establishment of professional and community organizations)
  • production and management (management and / or the execution of professional duties (translation of various types) in the units of domestic, foreign and joint enterprises and organizations)
  • information analysis (implementation of socio-political analysis, preparation of business correspondence, reports, surveys, forecasts of the situation, Edit Translation)
  • Scientific research (collection and processing of practical material, preparation of reports and articles on the problems of translation and intercultural communication).


Bachelor of translation business can work in positions:

  • Referent-translator,
  • Guide-interpreter,
  • Translation Editor.

On the “Foreign language: two foreign languages” and “Translation Studies” educational programs learn two foreign languages:

  • English,
  • German.



  • Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, as well as teachers from the United Kingdom and the United States, Germany;
  • In order to improve teaching skills, improving the quality of teaching at the department seminars for teachers are held annually with the participation of foreign colleagues;
  • Training is conducted in accordance with the European standard of teaching foreign languages. The basic textbooks are publishing textbooks Longman, Cambridge, “Business Basics”, “English File”, “New English File Elementary”, “Profile Intermediate” “Students Book” “University Press”, ” The Practice of English Language Teaching “,” A Course in Language Teaching “Cambridge University Press, and others;
  • To enhance the cognitive activity of students, teachers of the department regularly used interactive teaching methods: talk shows, business games, situational tasks, debates, mini conferences and much more;
  • Entry to Master’s degree;
  • Convenient schedule of classes;
  • The ability to pass practice in foreign companies;
  • At the disposal of students is a unique laboratory for students Self Access Room, where students have the opportunity to work with electronic teaching programs, electronic dictionaries, reference books, electronic books in a foreign language, watch movies, and transmission of satellite television in the target language.
  • All classrooms are equipped with modern furniture, audio and video equipment, necessary educational equipment and training aids;
  • There is a modern library science and literature in a foreign language;
  • There are computer classes with connection to the Internet. Language training is carried out in accordance with the European standards-level training

This approach to foreign language education allows to master all kinds of speech activity, to operate different forms of communication (formal, informal, professional)

Our students actively participate in student clubs and academic conferences, debates, round tables and public cultural events held across the city and the region.

Department of “Foreign languages and Translation Studies” leading undergraduate programs in the directions:

  • “Translation studies and intercultural communication”
  • “Administrative and managerial sphere”
  • “The sphere of international relations”
  • “Education and Science”
  • “The sphere of culture and intercultural communication”
  • “The sphere of publishing”
  • “The sphere the media”
  • “The information-analytical sphere.”

Training seminar with the Regional Director of the Central Asia program of English Harold Samuels (US Embassy)

In order to improve and enhance the quality of training of the Department “Foreign Languages and Translation Studies” teachers and methodologists were invited during the academic year, lecturers from foreign educational institutions:

  • James and Margaret Langley (UK)
  • Training seminar with the English teacher Karl Kainer (Germany)
  • David Blackford (USA)
  • Dr. Monika von Kraft (Germany)
  • Dr. Skarbrou (UK)
  • Dr. G.Harvell (USA)
  • Dr. Elmar Ulrich (Germany),
  • Educator Methodist Trevor James Woodgate (UK)
  • Dr. Manfred Egenhoff (Germany)
  • Educator Methodist  Ula Luksho (United States)
  • Dr. Lee (USA)
  • Master Rene Patricia Raper (UK)
  • Master John Raper (UK)
  • Master Kevern Oliver (UK)
  • Master, lecturer James Chitty (UK)
  • Professor Bernhard Dinsberg (Germany)
  • Master, prepodavatelJamesDominicWilson (England)
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Husman (Germany)
  • David Marsh (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Karl Kainer (Germany)
  • Dr. Thomas Unruh (Germany).

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    090000, Uralsk
    N. Nazarbayev Avenue, 208