Ramanova Aigul Abibullaevna

Candidate of Philology, associate professor,

Dean of the faculty of Languages and Management


Dear friends!

The value of education and science in the modern world is not only recognized, but incontested, which is among the universal values. “Our path to the future is connected with the creation of new opportunities for the disclosure of the potential of Kazakhstan. Developed countries in the XXI century – is active, educated and healthy citizens “, – said the President of the country N. Nazarbayev in the Epistle to the people of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s way – 2050: Common goal, common interests, common future.”

Faculty of Languages and Management – versatile, equipped with modern material – technical base, it is a structural unit of West Kazakhstan Innovation Technological University, where is prestigious to study.

The special mission of our faculty – “Preparation of highly active, enthusiastic, unconventional thinking and effective action by professionals who will be demanded and will occupy an important place in society”.

Today, the Faculty of Languages and Management is preparing a specialists of higher professional education in 8 specialties that are in demand in various sectors of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and over 15 thousand highly qualified specialists, emerged from its walls – our priceless heritage, our professional and spiritual wealth.

The dynamics of our faculty allow us to look forward with confidence. This future is seen as providing continuing education, adherence to international quality standards, the implementation of new educational technologies, preservation of competitiveness in the labor market.

Education at the Faculty of Languages and Management – is a guarantee of a stable future.

Welcome to our faculty!