Department of Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance is a graduate Department of the educational program 6B04106 “Finance”, 6B04105 “Accounting and audit”, 6B11101 – “Tourism” (bachelor’s degree) and 7M04101 – “Finance” and 7M04105 “Accounting and audit”. (master’s degree),

Mission of the Department: Training of competitive, highly qualified specialists of the new formation in the field of Finance and tourism, who have high analytical and leadership qualities, and are able to work in a team.

Implementation of the mission involves the following tasks:

* publication and implementation of research results of scientific and practical value;

* formation and continuous improvement of professional knowledge in all financial and economic spheres;

* ensuring sustainable dynamic development of educational activities of the department.

Head of the Department “Accounting and Finance” – candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Kim A. A.

In a short period of time, a team of like-minded people has formed, which can effectively solve complex problems of educational, research and educational nature. The quantitative and qualitative composition of the faculty of the Department is a qualifying requirement.  The staff consists of candidates of science – Kim A. A., Kurmanova G. K., Sukhanberdina B., Manasova S. S., Erniyazov R.A., Макаsheva J.J., Burkitbaev K.T. senior teachers, masters of Economics-Salimbayeva V. D., Abekeshev A. I., Aitmukanova G. M., Nurmanova A. K., Islyamov R. S., Bikenova M.K., Togasheva D.S.

Most members of the Department of Accounting and Finance, in addition to having a basic education, academic degree and academic title, have practical experience, which allows you to use this experience in the process of teaching disciplines and training highly qualified specialists in the field of financial activities.

Every year, teachers take advanced training courses in foreign universities — new York, Florence, Baku, Cyprus, Samara, Orenburg.

The teacher of the Department Nurmanova A. K., having studied At the center “Zerde”, received a certificate of a professional accountant.

Research work

The faculty of the Department develops the research topic “Modern problems of social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (the period 2019-2024).

In the framework of the contract about creative cooperation between SCITU, Saratov state agrarian University. N. I. Vavilova, Samara Institute of management, Department of Accounting and Finance, is working on the topic “Improving the competitiveness of the national economy in the context of interregional cooperation and cross-border cooperation within the EAEU”.

The scientific and practical part of the Department’s research is carried out in close connection with enterprises, commercial banks, and government agencies.

The Department performs research work on the contractual topic “Entrepreneurship as a factor in the socio-economic development of the region” (based on materials from the West Kazakhstan region)”.

Teachers of the Department take an active part in national and international scientific and practical conferences.

The most important objective of the scientific work of the Department is to increase the efficiency of scientific work of the Department faculty, the development of students independence, creative abilities, professional skills, conduct research, attract students and undergraduates.

The Department has organized scientific and student circles, which are attended by students of 1-4 courses in the OP “Finance”, “Accounting and audit”. Students and undergraduates take an active part in international scientific and practical conferences.

The Department actively participates in the traditional events “financier’s Day”,” accountant’s Day”, student conferences, seminars, round tables, Olympiads.

The Department conducts international cooperation in the field of education and science with Universities of the Russian Federation: Saratov state agrarian University. N. I. Vavilova, Samara Institute of management, Samara state University of Economics, Saratov state University. Chernyshevsky and others.


Educational and methodical work

The teaching staff of the Department of Accounting and Finance uses innovative technologies in the educational process. Classes are held at a high level with the use of modern technologies and multimedia devices. Every year, teachers hold open lectures and practical classes.

To encourage students and master students, develop their creative thinking, enhance methodological training for teachers use of information lecture, problem lecture, lecture, imaging, seminar-debate, seminar-study round table. In the educational process, role-playing games, problem tasks, working in small groups, business games, situational analysis, interactive methods “Brainstorming”, “project Method”, collective training, questions and answers, and discussion are actively used.                                                                


The lesson is conducted by Gunter Ketterle (Germany)

The Department creates all conditions for the full disclosure of students ‘ spiritual aspirations, their creative abilities, for the formation of a civil position, socially significant values, civic and professional qualities, and responsibility for decision-making.

The Department interacts with the West Kazakhstan Branch of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Regional Department of state revenue and other industrial enterprises of the city, which provide places for practical training and practical materials, balance sheets and other materials used in the educational process. Every year, the Department sends students to practice in KPO b. V. in Aksay.

Graduates of the specialties “Accounting and audit, “Finance” and “Tourism” are very popular in the labor market and do not experience serious difficulties in finding employment.

In the context of a market economy and improved management, the role and importance of organizing and managing finances and financial institutions in all areas of the national economy is increasing. This specialty is especially relevant in the current economic situation, since proper management of financial flows will help to cope with the lack of financial resources, to make accurate forecasts of the behavior of subjects in the financial market.

The educational program Finance, accounting and audit allows students to get extensive knowledge about the processes of formation and execution of budgets of different levels, the order of planning accounting and reporting, organization and management of cash flows of enterprises, preparation of accounting reports and reports of enterprises.


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