Jumakaeva Bayan Sabirovna – Candidate of Chemical sciences, Docent


Pedagogical experience is 44 years, in higher educational system – 42 years. Scientific studies in recent years – the pedagogy in higher educational system, has an inventor’s certificate.

  • Medal Y. ALTYSARINA –2006
  • GOTTFRIED WILHELM VON LEIBNIZ Medal, Germany, November 2012
  • Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2018
  • Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2019

Dear friends!

Pedagogical education is the most important component of all Kazakhstan educational system; it is one of the key elements that defines the quality and perspective of its development.

Pedagogical Faculty is the Faculty that has a long tradition, many years of experience of educational, methodical and scientific work. Our faculty is the Faculty, accepted innovative development strategy aimed at improving the scientific, educational and administrative activity. Pedagogical Faculty consists of five departments and implements educational programs in 13 specialties of baccalaureate and 6 specialties of magistracy on educational and economic profile.

The greatest value of the Pedagogical Faculty are teachers, because of their high level of professionalism, we are preparing a competitive highly qualified specialists, looking with confidence to the future, and it makes our faculty to occupy a leading position in the fields of higher education, science and business.

In his message to the people of Kazakhstan “Strategy” Kazakhstan – 2050 “, referring to the young people, the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev said:” Remember, your personal success – is the success of your parents, the success of your loved ones, your families success, the success of all your countrymen, the success of our homeland. ” And by entering our Pedagogical Faculty, taking qualified education, you will achieve greater heights in the future, success is guaranteed.


We are waiting for you at our faculty.

Best Regards,

Dean of Pedagogical Faculty