Implementation of the dual training system

11.11.21 in the Lyceum school No. 38 named after A. Moldagulova, in order to “implement the dual system of education”, a debate lesson was held with the participation of 4th year students of the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages ” the department “foreign language and translation” and students of the 10th grade of under the guidance of the senior lecturer of the department Utebaeva A. KH. and the teacher-practitioner Salavatova A. A.

At the beginning of the lesson, English teacher, teacher-researcher, Master of Pedagogical Sciences Salavatova A. A. spoke in three languages. An introductory training “One objective” was held with the students, they told about the educational and methodological work and achievements of the A. Moldagulova Lyceum No. 38, shared the sites necessary for future teachers to learn a foreign language. Conducting an “SMS” feedback, they further noted the practice-oriented format in their reviews and thanked the teachers of the school for their professionalism and the atmosphere of cooperation.

Then the senior teacher Utebaeva A. H. showed pedagogical skills and presented an example lesson prepared by her to improve the experience. The students who took part in the lesson learned how to analyze lessons, determine aspects of the development of language skills by the method of “Finish a sentence …”, form dialogic speech “Teaching with limited Resource” in the formation of speech grammar, the ability to say what they understand. The necessity of a qualified presentation of formative assessment in the classroom and its integral part -teacher feedback is emphasized.


22.10.21 within the framework of the “implementation of the dual learning system”, students of the 3rd 311 group studying under the educational program 6B01702 “foreign language: two foreign languages” visited the A. Moldagulova Lyceum school, where they took part in an English lesson in the 7th grade and got acquainted with the circle work. The orientation of future specialists to the teaching profession based on the continuity of schools and universities will undoubtedly have an impact on the formation of students’ cognitive interest.