Civil engineering and architecture

Bekbulat Shakeshev, Associate Professor, Candidate of technical sciences,
Head of department «Civil engineering and architecture»

The Department of Civil engineering and Architecture is a graduate and prepares bachelors and specialists in educational programs: 6В07302 – Construction; 6В07301 – Architecture; 6В07303 – Land management and cadastre.

There are 9 full-time teachers at the department, of which: candidates of science – 2, associate professors – 1, masters of science – 6.

The average age of the teaching staff is 45 years. All teachers conduct classes with appropriate special education. Professors, doctors of technical sciences from foreign universities, and specialized specialists from production are invited annually to deliver lectures on special disciplines.

The teaching staff of the department is constantly improving their qualifications by participating in various courses, training seminars, master classes, attending open classes of leading teachers of the department and the university.

For the high-quality organization of the educational process, 1 educational laboratories and 2 specialized classrooms have been created and are functioning at the department.

The department provides professional practice for students. The main bases of production practices are the leading enterprises of the region, such as: LLP “Uralvodproekt”, LLP “BatysProject Service”, LLP “Uralskvodstroy”, LLP “SK Alash”, LLP “Ural Agricultural Experimental Station”, State Administration of Land Relations of the West Kazakhstan region, NJSC “State Corporation” Government for Citizens “, etc.

The department also has branches of the department in production: JSC “Uralskagroremmash”, LLP “Uralskvodstroy”, LLP “Uralvodproekt”, LLP “Uralskaya Agricultural Experimental Station”.

The faculty of the department is actively engaged in scientific work, participating in various scientific conferences, seminars, presentations outside the university. Over the past 3 years, the faculty of the department has published more than 50 scientific articles and abstracts, 3 scientific reports have been written on economic contractual topics.

The department has a scientific student society (NSO) and student scientific circles, where more than 50 students of 1-4 courses are engaged in scientific work.

Under the guidance of the teaching staff of the department, students successfully present scientific works at international, republican competitions such as: competition of scientific research work of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Young Scientist”, “ZIAT”, “The best innovative student project”, etc.

Students annually participate in the scholarship program of the KAZENERGY Association and become the owners of grants.

Along with educational and scientific work, the department also conducts educational work with students. Under the guidance of group mentors, students actively participate in cultural and sports and educational events held at the university, such as “Health Day”, “Freshman Day”, “Language Day”, “Golden Autumn”, “Nauryz – Spring Festival”, etc.

The composition of the department:

FULL NAME Position
1. Shakeshev Bekbolat Temerzhanovich head of department, k.t.n, assistant professor
2. Kenzhegaliev Giniyat Gayseevich k.s.n., assistant professor
3. Bekkaliev Nurlan Meiramovich senior lecturer, master
4. Tauyshev Orynbek Utebayevich senior lecturer, master
5. Maқsotova Arailym Baқytkereyқyzy senior lecturer, master
6. Umereshova Sayagul Ginayatovna senior lecturer, master
7. Ihsanova Sule Aitzhanovna senior lecturer, master
8. Kenzhina Zhazira Samigullaevna senior lecturer, master
9. Karabalin Duisenbai Moldashevich senior lecturer