Vice-Rector for Strategy and Quality Assurance

Irgaliyev Assylbek Sapargalievich

Vice-Rector for Strategy and Quality Assurance, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: Uralsk, N. Nazarbayev Ave., 208

Phone: 8(7112) 24-32-50



The mission is to implement the strategic development and quality assurance of education in the training of specialists of higher and postgraduate education.


  1. Forming and ensuring the implementation of strategic programs, projects and plans implemented within the framework of the University’s Strategy;
  2. Ensuring coordination and interaction of the structural divisions of the university during the implementation of their strategic plans and programs aimed at implementing the University’s Strategy and ensuring the quality of education;
  3. Analysis and development of proposals for the modernization of management systems, monitoring and improvement of key indicators of the effectiveness of the quality of education;
  4. Management/coordination of various activities for the passage of institutional and specialized (program) accreditation procedures;
  5. Organization of a psychologically comfortable environment for the implementation of the quality assurance policy based on a combination of administrative management methods, material and moral incentives to increase the efficiency of the departments and deans ‘ offices within the limits of their powers.

Main areas of activity:

  1. Methodological, analytical and informational support of the strategic planning process, including at the level of key departments and priority areas of the University’s activities;
  2. Development of key performance indicators for the implementation of the Strategy, monitoring their implementation, development of proposals for their adjustment, taking into account external and internal factors affecting the implementation of the Strategy and forecasts of socio-economic development;
  3. Organization of strategic planning in the format of integrated programs, plans, projects and other activities aimed at implementing the Strategy;
  4. Organization of expert evaluation of documents and proposals aimed at the implementation and / or adjustment of the Strategy, improving the quality of education, the formation and implementation of other programs (plans, projects) within the priority areas of the university development;
  5. Consulting support of structural divisions of the university and legal entities established with the participation of the university on the development of strategic plans, development programs and business planning;
  6. Monitoring the implementation of the Quality Strategy and Policy, identifying deviations, forming proposals for its adjustment in accordance with trends in the educational, scientific and innovative spheres, in the economic and social life of society;
  7. Organization of interaction of the university with state authorities and local self-government bodies, organizations and enterprises on the implementation of the University’s Strategy and ensuring the quality of higher and postgraduate education.