Forensic training ground

   Forensic training ground is a training complex for practical studies and exercises for the detection, seizure, fixation, research of material evidence seized from the crime scene.

   The office was created in the areas of training and advanced training of law enforcement personnel with the aim of high-quality legal education.

   The material and technical base of the office is a complex of specialized equipment and teaching aids responsible for the development of the specialties “Law enforcement” and “Fundamentals of law and economics”.


Forensic training room

Tactics for inspecting the crime scene at the forensic range


Examination of the corpse at the crime scene

(determination of the method of causing bodily harm, removal of genetic samples)


Inspection of the crime scene in a typical version


Removal of fingerprints in a tape form

Collection of material evidence



Instrument of crime with standard versions


Identification and fixation of auxiliary material evidence



Inspection of the crime scene and fixation of material evidence



Teaching aids