General education disciplines

Kadyrgaliev Nurbulat Mendygalievich

Head of the Department of General education disciplines, candidate of historical sciences, Professor

Department of General education disciplines

The Department of General education disciplines of WKITU is a graduate Department in the specialties 6B04201 Customs, 6В04203 Law regulation of the transportation, traffic and transport exploitation.

The right choice of educational institution after graduation is the most important decision in your life!

Such an educational institution is the West Kazakhstan University of innovation and technology, which has all the conditions for talented and enthusiastic students.

The Department of General education disciplines trains highly professional, competitive specialists who meet the requirements of the modern market.

The Department has 17 instructors, including 7 candidates of science, 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 5 masters and 9 senior instructors. Teachers annually improve their skills, participate in international scientific and practical conferences and innovative competitions.

Name Position Academic Degree
1. Kadyrgaliev Nurbulat Mendygalievich Head of the Department, Professor c.h.s.
2. Kusainov Rahmetulla docent c.h.s.
3. Mukhambetov Murzagali Abylkasymovich Professor c.h.s.
4. Shkanova Bakyt Azhgulovna docent
5. Zhumayev Zhetkinchek Jumaevich docent c.e.s.
6. Kulmatov Sagyndyk Yaraspaevich docent
7. Tuleugalieva Zhazira Kalelova Senior instructor Master
8. Kurmanova Zhanara Burambaevna Senior instructor Master
9.        Sarsenova Ainur Zheksenbaevna Senior instructor Master
10.    Zharkeeva Alma Makeevna Senior instructor
11.    Shalaev Bulat Berdekeshovich Senior instructor
12.    Sultangalieva Almagul Amangeldievna Senior instructor
13.    Mendeshova Menzilya Tulegenovna docent
14.    Zhumasheva Guldana Gizatullovna Senior instructor Master
15.    Aralbekov Galymzhan Bakhitovich Senior instructor
16. Doukarieva Ulday Kabakhanovna Professor

 Educational and methodical work

Today learn in high school becomes more interesting, from the traditional University methods University moves to active forms of learning.

Educational work is conducted in accordance with the standards and curricula of specialties. The staff of the Department takes an active part in educational and methodological seminars on improving the methods of teaching courses according to the profile of the Department, new information technologies in education, organizing independent work of students, improving the level of professional and methodological skills. Teachers of the Department conduct innovative classes using multimedia technologies, open classes in the form of business games, presentations, brainstorming, press conferences, debates.

Every year, teachers of the Department issue educational and methodological manuals on the subjects taught

Scientific research work of the Department

Research work at the Department is carried out in accordance with the annual and long-term plans of the Department and faculty. The purpose of the research work of the Department is to conduct research in the field of implementation of scientific developments in the educational process and professional development of the teaching staff.

The results of the research works of the teachers of the Department publish annually in the proceedings of international and Republican scientific conferences, in journals recommended by Committee for control of MES of RK. Much attention is paid to the research work of students. Teachers are directly involved in student scientific work as leaders of scientific circles, diploma projects and practices. The scientific circle “Atameken”works. According to the results of research work of students participate annually in scientific conferences of University, Republican competition of research works of students of the MES, the Republican contest “the Scientific opinion: ideas, research, innovations” held by LLP SET (Nur-Sultan city), the International competition of scientific works for students conducted at the International innovation center “Perspektiva plus” (Czech Republic), National contest of youth business projects “Menin Armanym”, International contest of projects for studentov Universities Interclover” (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg cities), etc.

Professional practice

Professional practice of students is aimed at consolidating the knowledge gained in the process of studying at a higher educational institution, acquiring practical skills and mastering effective experience. Students of the Department’s specialties are trained in the Department of state revenue for the WKO, brokerage companies.

Educational work

The Department of General education disciplines creates all conditions that allow students to realize their creative activity. Student life is not only a process of mastering knowledge and professional skills, it is also an important stage in the development and formation of a person’s personality, determining their future socio-cultural status. Therefore, the organization of leisure time for students plays an important role in the educational process. To solve educational and educational tasks in groups, advisors use various forms and methods of work, the main of which are: attracting students to work in scientific societies, conversations, debates, meetings with veterans of the second world war, sports, labor, scientists and artists, excursions to historical sites, cultural trips, etc. Students annually participate in international scientific and practical conferences, subject Olympiads and innovation competitions.