Batyr Babalar rukhyna mangilik tagzym

On may 6, 2020, the Department of Accounting and Finance held an online event in the form of a curatorial hour dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Patriotic war “Batyr Babalar rukhyna mangilik tagzym”. Students of 1-3 courses in the specialty “Finance” and curator Nurmanova А. K. organized a video, read poems and provided presentation material.

The following works were performed at the festive event: “Maydangerler”, “Kakharman”, ” Dariga, Sol Kyz “and presentations” Er yessimi El yesside “- B. Momyshuly”, “Aliya Moldagulova: life and feat at the front”, “Manshuk Mametova: the life of a legendary machine gunner of Kazakh origin”.

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