Inter-University scientific and practical onlain round table

On the 23 of April, 2020, the Department of ecology and biotechnology of engineering and technological faculty of the West Kazakhstan innovation and Technological University and the Department of Agriculture and Ecology of Aktobe Univesity named after S. Baishev held an on-line round table on the theme “the Gene Pool of natural resources of Kazakhstan: problems of studying and preserving the biodiversity of the gene pool of natural resources of Kazakhstan”. The participants of the round table were teachers and students. The 3rd year students of Aktobe University named after S. Baishev Tynybekova Aizhan, Sagynova Mldir presented reports with the results of research works carried out under the supervision of the head of the Department. Educational-scientific laboratory of “Plant Genetic resources” of the senior teacher Kalibekova Zhanar Toromona on the following themes «Ақтөбе облысындағы жабайы қызғалдақтардың түрлері», «Қазақстан жабайы қызғалдақтардың шығу тегінің орталығы».

WKITU students Zhaksylykov Zhanbolat (EKL-11 grouup, scientific supervisor is Kenessarina Kunsaya Honirovna), Yeleussinov Arman (BZhD-31 group, scientific supervisor is Tupichev Muhanbet Salamatova) presented the following reports: “Modern ecological state West Kazakhstan region forests “, “Biological and Ecological characteristics of mammals included in the Red book of West Kazakhstan region”.

The online round table aroused great interest from its participants. Colleagues from Aktobe University named after S. Baishev, the head of the Department of” Agriculture and Ecology ” Uteulieva Dameli Tanatarova expressed gratitude for the opportunity to carry out such joint activities.

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