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The advisers of the West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University held online events for students in honor of May 1- the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan and May 9 – the 75-th anniversary of the Great Victory.

In this regard, we can name the following curators who opened the content of the topics and conducted online video- classes: Dauesova A.Zh. “Worship heroism!”, “Kazakhstan is my homeland!”, Sisekeshova A.S. “An example of great heroism for a generation!”, Kenzhegalieva D.R. “My dear veteran”, Bissalieva A.M.”Pages of the history of victory”, Pristash V.V. “Grow up to say thanks,” dedicated to Khiuaz Dospanova, holder of the People’s Hero Order, Baimukhanova B.K. “Kazakhstan is a place of friendship and peace”, Kirillina N.P.”The unity of Kazakhstan is in the friendship of peoples.”

Kalkenova G.B. “Day of the collection of flowers of happiness”, Umbetova G.M. “The holy cradle of peace and friendship”, Amanova B.N. “Kazakhstan is a place of peace!”, “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!” , Eleshova A.O. “Solidarity, my homeland is Kazakhstan!”, “Those who fought for the homeland”, Toleuova R.N.“We are together – we are united!”, Kuspanov M.E.”Worship to heroism!” And also, Nurullina S.M. “Victory May”, Nugmanova Sh.E. “Eternal fiery years”, Osipov N.I. “Special memorable dates of May”, Zhansultanova G.S.”Echoes of the fiery years.” In the future, online education will continue.

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