Words of edification of Abay – as a light of science and knowledge

The month of April is significant in that every year student conferences, competitions, webinars, project defense and their publication in various scientific publications are held throughout the Republic and in all higher educational institutions.

And this year, 2020, the format of scientific conferences and forums for both students and undergraduates, as well as their teachers, is held in the on-line format, that is, remotely.

So, Professor of the Department of pedagogy and psychology, pedagogical faculty of our University, the candidate of pedagogical Sciences, member-correspondent of the International Academy Concord France Tassimova Aislu Akhmadievna took part in the international scientific conference on 8 April 2020 live, on-line format on the theme “Teaching in a time of crisis: challenges, best practices, new horizons” at the invitation of the Modern Education & Research Institute of Belgium in Brussels.

On the recommendation of the organizers of the international conference, the scientific report was presented in English[1]. On the eve of the 175th anniversary of the great thinker, poet, humanist Abay Kunanbayev, to highlight his psychological, pedagogical views expressed in” Words of edification ” was doubly relevant for our foreign colleagues, listeners and participants of the online conference. The topic of the speech of our University Professor Aislu Akhmadievna was“Psychological and pedagogical view of Abay Kunanbayev expressed in”Words of edification”. The speaker revealed the aspiration of the thinker who actively called on his people not to stand still, to constantly develop, improve, and enrich their spiritual world. For Abay in the” Book of words ” reflects on the importance of world culture and science for the education of the Kazakh people. The conference was held in creativeness, a friendly and homely  atmosphere. The organizers expressed their gratitude for the interesting and informative report, as well as for the time and effort that the speaker spent on preparing and attending the live broadcast. As a result, she was awarded a certificate and a letter of thanks.

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