On March 2, 2018, the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University organized an international scientific and methodological conference “Development of human capital – the basis for modernization of Kazakhstan society”.

The main goal of the conference follows from the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. “New opportunities for development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution”.

To date, the achievements of our country  is the national pride of every citizen. Only a strong and powerful state engages in long-term planning, leading to stable economic growth. The strategy “Kazakhstan -2050” is a way of modernization of all spheres of activity providing continuous development. We would like to dwell on the seventh direction of the President’s message “Human capital is the basis of modernization”. Improvement of educational programs aimed at developing the ability to adapt to constant changes, the need to review training and improve the skills of teachers are the basis for scientific discussion and consideration.

The reports heard at the plenary session 

Sabyr M.B. – Doctor of Philology, Professor, West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University, Uralsk, the RK  Rukhani zhangyru-ult bolashagynyn irgetasy.

Naumova N.V. – Candidate of Psychology, Samara Academy of Humanities , Samara, Russia Psychoanalytic view on motivation and success of students’ education

Kaptsov A.V. – psychologist, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, Samara Academy of Humanities, Samara, Russia Diagnostic support for the stages of becoming subjective students under the competence model of education

Obydenkina L.V. – Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology, West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technological University, Uralsk, the RK Modernization of the Kazakh school as a reflection of the actual trends in the development of the education of the ХХІ century

Tazhigalieva Zamzagul Tlepbergenovna – teacher-moderator of the Kazakh language and literature at Nazarbayev intellectual school, Master of Philology Тazhiribe alany: soilesim areketteri zhane ony uiymdastyru zholdary.

Master classes were also conducted: “Methods of studying economic terms in a non-linguistic high school” Gabdualieva R.S. – Doctor of Economics, Professor.

The trainer of the level programs of the WKR branch of the educational center “Orleu”, the master of pedagogics Abisheva Alina Muratovna – “Active teaching methods”; “Interactive methods of teaching pedagogy” in the master class was based on the FILA method (F-facts, I-interests, L-learning, A-activities).

Dzhonisova G.K.- Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor of the Department “Pedagogics and Psychology” and Khalikova B.T. – the senior lecturer of the department, “Pedagogics and Psychology” master of pedagogy and psychology in the process of the master class acquainted with the methods “Brainstorming”, “Chart of Ishikawa”, “Mental card”.

“The practice of applying new technologies in the process of implementing the SRSP” Nugmanova Zh.T. Senior lecturer of the Department of Philology and teaching methods, Master of Pedagogics.

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