On November 22, 2021, students of the 3rd year of the educational program “Law Enforcement” of the West Kazakhstan University of Innovation and Technology visited the Operational and Forensic Department of the DP WKO in order to combine theoretical knowledge with practice.

During the meeting, the senior criminologist of the criminalistic department, police Lieutenant Colonel Malaev A.M., revealed to the audience the robo-everyday life of criminalists, explaining the tactics of viewing the scene of serious and especially serious crimes, familiarizing with the base “Image ++” and “Papilon”, and also demonstrated the removal of traces of papillary lines of fingers and palms from the scene in various ways, described the methods of ballistic examination.

At the end of the meeting, senior teachers of the Department of History and Law, Masters of Law Gabdulov Akhat Zhomartovich and Zhailibayeva Zhanna Magazovna thanked the leadership of the OKU DP WKO for organizing a seminar class within the walls of the Operational and Forensic Department.