November 18, 2021 Master of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Ecology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering and Humanities, ZKITU G.R. Kurmasheva with the students of the “Erudite” circle visited the West Kazakhstan Museum of Local Lore

The purpose of the excursion is, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to acquaint students with the local history museum, which contains real monuments, including the material and spiritual culture of our city, to give basic concepts of the history of independence, to educate a citizen who is proud of his country, to inspire creativity.

During the excursion, the students got acquainted with the 8 halls of the museum, the history and civilization of the culture of our region. They saw important things and valuable facts that tell the story of our ancestors from ancient times, they visited that era, received a huge impression and the necessary information.