On September 30, 2021, a meeting was held for 1st-year students of the faculties of “Languages and Management” and “Pedagogical” on the topic “On combating corruption” with the participation of the Deputy Department of Prevention and Integrity for Combating Corruption in the West Kazakhstan region Khairullin Birzhan Mardanovich.

   The purpose of the meeting is to explain to students the changes and innovations in the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Combating Corruption”, the formation of “zero tolerance” for offenses, the creation of anti-corruption immunity in society and the formation of an anti-corruption culture among young people, as well as the promotion of responsibility for their own education and future.

   Birzhan Mardanovich during the meeting spoke about innovations in anti-corruption legislation, tougher penalties for this type of offense, he also called for an active fight against corruption and the consequences of indifferent inaction of society. He explained to the students what a bribe is, what is required for giving and receiving a bribe, what administrative and criminal liability is provided for, and other important issues. He also emphasized that the prevention of corruption is the duty of every citizen.

   Summing up, Birzhan Mardanovich urged students not to go off the right path in search of easy results in the educational process. Strictly comply with the requirements of the Code of Academic Integrity.

   The students who took part in the event were active, asked questions and expressed their opinion to Birzhan Mardanovich.

   Information is given about the functioning of the Call Center of the Anti-Corruption Service 1424, where everyone can get advice and report on the facts of corruption.

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