The 1-st of May!

   Dear teachers, staff and students!

   I congratulate you on the Day of the Unity of the People of Kazakhstan!

   This holiday has become a good tradition of our people, embodying peace and harmony, it brought together the most cherished dreams of people inhabiting the ancient Kazakh land. Our country, not dividing anyone along ethnic lines, respecting and honoring the language, customs of each nation and nationality, demonstrates a true example of friendship and unity to the entire world community.

   Our country overcame the difficulties of the crisis, in a short historical period we built an independent state, made it famous and respected throughout the world, which became possible thanks to the unity, brotherhood, mutual understanding of all peoples and ethnic groups living in our country.

   Representatives of different nations and nationalities consider Kazakhstan their homeland and are proud of the peace and cohesion that we have. It is the duty of each of us to contribute to the preservation of unity, strengthening interreligious harmony and peace. By combining our efforts, we will be able to create conditions for the further development of our country, for the implementation of our important plans.

   On this wonderful spring day, I wish you a festive mood, health for many years, success in all your endeavors, prosperity to your family and friends, prosperity to our common home – the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Respectfully yours, rector of WKITU professor Gabdualieva R.S.

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