Happy holiday Kurisu ayt!

   March 14 – Amal holiday is celebrated in the Western Kazakhstan. Acquaintances greet each other with the words “Bir zhasymen”. Kazakh national holiday – “Kurisu ayt” symbolizes the beginning of the new year. Handshake is an obligatory tradition of the holiday. On the day of the meeting, the people rejoiced that they had come out of winter safely and shook hands. With the onset of dawn, every family that is looking forward to the holiday laid a table prepared in advance. Be sure to cook baursaks and put them on the table with sweets.

   In honor of this holiday, at the West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University, the 1st year students and activists organized a festive event for the faculty and staff of the university. Students shook hands with teachers and staff.

   Those, in turn, tasted the treats prepared by the students. Students in national costumes traditionally sang songs and played the dombra. The Amal holiday was to the liking of the faculty and staff of the university.


Organizational and educational department



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