Independence Day

Dear instructors, employees, graduate students and

students of our university!

 Sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan! It is to this day that we are due today’s successes and prosperity.

Independence Day is a holiday for all who cherish Kazakhstan, who take pride in its history, the ancestors’ accomplishments and the achievements of current generations. Let the heroic past of our people inspire you to strengthen economic and social stability in society, contribute to the preservation of peace and harmony in our native land!

December 16 – for all of us is a symbol of the beginning of the epoch of sovereign development of our state. Having chosen this path for ourselves, we have chosen the values of patriotism, freedom and democracy, which today determine the development of our state.

Together with all citizens of Kazakhstan, we have the right to be proud of the achievements of these years. Our university has withstood the test of time with honor, having managed to maintain the inextricable link between several generations.

Your work and perseverance, intelligence and talent created everything that makes the pride of the university today. Our achievements give us new strength. And they will be further reinforced in the future by new affairs for the sake of the country’s prosperity and progress in education and science.

We wish everyone good health, happiness, peace and prosperity and successful implementation of the plans! All the best to you!

University administration.

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