AIDS-epidemic of the XXI century

World AIDS day is celebrated annually on December 1.

In this regard, from November 16 to 22, 2020, within the framework of the world campaign to fight AIDS on the theme “Global cooperation, shared responsibility”, more than 40 informational and educational class hours were held remotely at the West Kazakhstan innovative and technological university , in which more than 200 students took part.

We can note the following groups of advisors, who were active in this area and spent class hours: Umbetova G. M., Okas, M. T., Ginayatova A. A., Gainullina R. B., Sultaniyazova N. J., Dauesova A. J., Mukambetkalieva A. N., Maksotova A.B., Jubantaeva A. N., Dosbatyrova S. K., Amanova B. N., Umershova S. G., Bekkaliev N. M., Nugmanova Sh. E.

Also, information on AIDS prevention provided by the regional AIDS center of the WKO is posted on the official social pages of the University (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Organizational and educational department

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