Prevention of HIV infection

On November 18, 2020, a regular meeting was held with a representative of the Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS Umbetova G.K., with 1st year students of the Faculty of Humanities and Law.

The lecture for the students was delivered by the teacher of the regional AIDS center Gulnar Kimovna. Together they discussed the causes and consequences of the disease, the rules for preventing the disease, and more.

The main objective of the event was to attract the attention of students to the problem of HIV / AIDS, to change their attitude to this problem and to form a value attitude towards their health.

Umbetova G.K., a teacher at the AIDS Prevention and Control Center, spoke about the methods of transmission of the virus and modern methods of its diagnosis. The students also learned about how to reduce the risk of contracting HIV infection, and what to do if the tests still showed a positive result.

The lecturer paid special attention to the fact that an HIV-infected person, subject to certain rules, does not pose any danger to the people around him.

AIDS is an incurable disease from which no one can be immune. But do not forget that knowledge and adherence to a healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the risk of infection.

Students actively asked questions and showed a keen interest in the HIV problem in our country. In total, 20 students took part in the conversation.

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