Department of Philology and Methodology of Teaching


Head of the Department  –  Candidate of Pedagogics,

Associate professor  Azhgaliyev Marat Kaiyrzhanovich


Department of Philology and methodology of teaching provides training of qualified specialists on the following specialties:

  • 5В011700 – “Kazakh language and literature” (bachelor);
  • 5В010200 – “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” (bachelor);
  • 5В09100 – “Library science” (bachelor);
  • 6М011700 – “Kazakh language and literature” (master);
  • 6М011900 – “Foreign language: two foreign languages” (master);

Preparation of highly qualified specialists is carried out by strong body of highly qualified specialists. They are – well-known specialist in Turkic philology in the country, Doctors of Philology, professor Sabyr M.B., Bissimaliyeva M.K., Candidates of Philology – Bekmasheva A.N., Kairov A.B., Mamyrov A.Y.,  Chechetko M.V., Beisenova G.A., Candidates of Pedagogics –  Azhgaliyev M.K., senior lecturer- Kuanysh T.T., Sakhmetova A.H.,   senior instructors, masters – Nugmanova Zh.T., Sagyngaliyeva A.O., Satymova K.M., Kinzhagaliyeva K.U., Samatova Zh.M., Yespolova Zh.E., Abuzhalitova A.T., Таspayeva S.Zh., Kakimova D.M. and the secretary – Sagidollina Sh.I.

Department of “Philology and methodology of teaching” is one of the departments training specialists in Philology in the western region. The department was founded in 2000-2001 academic year. Department is headed by well-known scientists in the region, such as Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor Kinzhekova R.S., Candidate of Philology,  associate professor  Karmenov N.G., Candidate of Philology,  associate professor  Ramanova A.A., Candidate of Pedagogics,  associate professor  Bisengaliyeva I.V. Today department is headed by Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor Azhgaliev M.K.

Since the establishment of the department have been graduated hundreds of students who are working by the specialty in different parts of our country.

At the department worked and read lectures such well-known linguists, methodologists, researchers like doctor of philology, professor Musaev A.M., candidate of philology, professor Sharabassov S.G., doctor of philology, professor Burkitov O.B., doctor of pedagogy, professor Kydyrshaev A.S, candidate of philology, docent Mutiev Z.Zh., candidate of philology, docent Aronov K.G., doctor of philology, professor Khasanov G.K., candidate of philology, docent Ramanova A.A., candidate of pedagogy, docent Bisengaliyev I.V., candidate of philology, docent Abukhanova A.G.

The mission of the department: to create scientific and educational environment, able to work in a team, with leadership development, providing training a competitive specialist bachelor’s and master’s degrees in philology and pedagogy.

The tasks carried out by the Department:

  • to carry out scientific-practical research, their aprobation;
  • to form and improve of pedagogical and philological knowledge and professionalism;
  • • to ensure the stable development of educational activity of the department.