Department of “Natural Sciences”

The department of “Natural Sciences” carries out educational, methodical, scientific-research and educational work at the West Kazakhstan Innovative-Technological University since its formation. The department of “Natural Sciences” is a graduate department on the specialties “5V010800 – Physical Culture and Sport” (Bachelor), “5V011100 – Computer Science” (Bachelor) and “6M010800 – Physical Culture and Sport” (Master).

Research work of the “Natural Sciences” department can be represented in two aspects.

First it is the research activity of the university teaching staff. Since the founding of the department teaching staff yearly updated with new employees, professionals in the field of sport and informatics. Their research is closely connected to the educational process and scientific research. The necessity to collect and examine the information dictated by the specifics of the department activities. The results of the department scientific work is reflected in the preparations for the publication of scientific papers, participation in scientific-practical conferences of the Republic of Kazakhstan , scientific round tables, seminars and other events research. Yearly the instructors are under refresher courses and participate in training seminars. It opens up new opportunities and directions in research, development of scientific-methodical manuals, recommendations, monographs and textbooks.

Secondly, it is a research activity of the student collective. Under the guidance of instructors the students conduct research work on current topics in the field of sport and informatics. Despite the relatively small period of the department activity has developed a system of continuous scientific search for the entire period of study. The need for continuity of study within the course and diploma design, instructors improve the experience of research activity and consciousness of students. Proposed questions of scientific research students contribute to their scientific work. The result of the activity is participation at the university and scientific and practical conferences and seminars. The reports of students participating in the conference are highly appreciated in the international and general academic activities. The joint work of instructors and students in this direction, combined with the support of other structures is relevant and important. The university research activities reflect the trends in the development of sport and informatics in the region.


The sub-faculty meeting of  “Natural Sciences”.   Ph. D. Professor Sobyanin Feodor Ivanovich is making report of scientific-research work organization

At the university work instructors such as Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor Sobyanin, Feodor Ivanovich, Candidate of Pedagogy, Professor Peressvetov, Nikolai Nikolayevich, Candidate of Chemistry, Professor Dzhumakayeva Bayan Sabirovna, Candidate of Pedagogy, Professor Klimenko Tatyana Ivanovna, Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor Daupayev Marat Urazaliyevich, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor Dzhumakayeva Klara Sabirovna, Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor Malinin Yurii Yevgeniyevich, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor Urakchintseva Galina Vladimirovna, and Master of Ecology Bigilov Talgat Zaurovich, Masters of Biology Bakessova Roza Maratovna and Mendygaliyeva Ayagoz Sarsenbayevna, Master of Geography Mendygaliyev Batyrbek Sarsenbayevich, Masters of Mathematics Arystanova Assel Bekbolatova and Zhubanaliyeva Laura Uzakbayeva.

The department staff is constantly working to improve the quality of methodical maintenance of process of Physical Culture at the University. In recent years, the instructors have published more than 10 educational-methodical grants.

Sports Section

Sports clubs have the opportunity to engage students wishing to improve their sports skills. Breakout sessions are organized in collaboration with the department and Sports club.

Sports Club

Sports club was formed in the beginning of 2008 school year. Chairman of the Sports club was elected Master, Senior lecturer Medressov Baurzhan Adilgaliyevich.

The target of education of Sports club was the need to improve and enhance the quality of sports-mass work at the university, forming of more effective system of sport and fitness activities at the university, the needs of students, undergraduates, faculty, and staff of the university in sport; active and targeted promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The main tasks assigned to the Sports club and the department is organization of  sports clubs for sports based on the available teaching and material bases of  WKITU, carrying out of competitions within the university, training sessions and other events, rendering methodical and practical assistance in organizing and conducting various sports and recreational activities, contests, Days of Health, the formation of  WKITU teams sports and their preparation for participation in Oblast student games, Championships, development of the regulations and rules of the competition.

A member of the Sports club may be any student, teacher and employee of WKITU exhibiting high interest in sports activities, improve their sports skills in sports clubs, regularly representing the University in various sporting competitions and sports festivals, are actively involved in sports life of the university.


Klimenko Tatyana Ivanovna — Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor, head of the Department “Natural Sciences”.  Klimenko T.I. defended the dissertation for a scientific degree of Candidate of Pedagogy on the theme: “Training of Students of Physical Culture Institute for Educational Work on the Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve (athletics)”. Tatyana Ivanovna is a supervisor for the execution of Master’s theses and has more than 40 scientific publications. Author of 6 teaching aids, the most informative is: “Physical Training of the Youth (fitness, shaping, athleticism)”. Specialist on health and therapeutic massage, shaping, conducts additional courses.


Daupayev Marat Urazaliyevich — Candidate of Pedagogy,Professor. In 2000 successfully defended the dissertation for a scientific degree of Candidate of Pedagogy on the theme: “The effectiveness development of wrestling due to vestibular stability”. Daupayev M.U. is a scientific supervisor for the execution of Master’s theses and has more than 30 publications. The author of the manual “Out-of-school Educational Institutions of Sports Type”. Marat Urazaliyevich trained athletes of high qualification on wrestling: 1 Sport Master, more than 20 Candidates of Sport Masters and about 100 the first category sportsmen. Inclusive of three Master’s degree students have defended theses under the guidance of Marat Urazaliyevich.


Peressvetov Nikolai Nikolayevich — Candidate of Pedagogy, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Youth Tourism and Local History, a high achiever in education of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR. Nikolai Nikolayevich is a head of research for fulfillment of Master’s theses.  N.N. Peressvetov has published over 200 scientific papers.

Author of more than 10 methodical manuals, textbooks, the most meaningful are: “The Health is Through the Tourism”, “Educational Activity: Status and Prospects”, etc. In cooperation with M. O. Daupayev, T. I. Klimenko published training manuals used by students the first-third courses. During 15 years he has taken part in the “Historical and Cultural Ecological Expedition on the Ural River”. Research interests: Pedagogy, Sociology and History of Physical Culture and Sports Activities.


The participants of the regional student seminar.


The sub-faculty meeting of  “Natural Sciences”.  Dean of Pedagogical Faculty of the WKITU, Candidate of Chemistry, Professor Dzhumakayeva Bayan Sabirovna is making report of scientific-research work organization


Ph. D., Professor Sobyanin Feodor Ivanovich is giving a scientific-methodological seminar for undergraduates and students