Department of “Accounting and Auditing”

Department of “Accounting and Auditing”

Department of “Accounting and Auditing” is one of the structural units of the Faculty of Languages and Management WKITU and graduating department for specialty 5B050800 “Accounting and Auditing” 5B050800. It conducts training in “Accounting and Auditing” since 1996. During these years the department provides high-quality education, synthesizing the fundamental university training and practical orientation of knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing. In the era of globalization and the formation of a common information and educational space before department opens qualitatively new prospects for development. In this regard, the mission of the department is to train highly qualified and competitive specialists of new formation in the field of accounting and auditing, able to become leaders in their chosen field of professional and competitive in the labor market.

 At the Department of “Accounting and Auditing” established the following conditions for quality training:

  1. The presence of an experienced faculty staff, numbering 6 candidates of economic sciences, associate professors, 5 Master of Economic Sciences, which is 58% of the total number of PTS. All teachers have a basic education, extensive practical work and teaching experience.
  2. The introduction of educational programs that meet international in structure and content, and ensure the development of students’ personal qualities and formation of competence in accordance with the SES RK IN and labor market needs, the formation of highly qualified specialists, able to think independently and have a strategic mindset that ensures their competitiveness and corresponds to the mission of the university.
  3. The essential capacity building of research the students, as a factor of intellectualization of training activities, the development of creative abilities, citizenship among students through the student scientific society, participated in conferences, seminars, competitions and other international events.;
  4. The introduction of new educational process management tools: credit student learning technology, distance learning;
  5. Creating a new generation of textbooks, adapted to the requirements of credit technology in the Kazakh and Russian languages;
  6. Gain practical orientation of education by introducing in the educational process practice-courses, curriculum development, catalogs of elective courses with the participation of employers’ involvement in teaching and leadership diploma works of highly skilled experts of business structures.


The strategic objectives of the department is:

  • Formation of the network environment of interaction with leading scientific, educational and analytical centers;
  • Development of the Department as a leading center of the expert-analytical support of decision-making in the field of accounting and financial and analytical activities;
  • The introduction of new educational models of subject-specific competencies that are in demand in the labor market, including the components of the continuous education of specialists in the field of accounting and auditing for the entire period of their professional activities.

The department has the candidate of economic sciences, Associates: Izimkulov Kaliulla Alimkuzhievich, Erniyazov Rustam Aybekovich, Sultanguzhiyeva Aigul Zhaksybayevna, Utarbaeva Lyazzat Zhetybaevna, Suerbaev Shaydulla Hamitovich, Salieva Alia Utemisovna, Masters of economic sciences, Senior lecturers: Abdullayeva Lunara Ilhamovna, Timirgaliev Ilyas Nauryzbaevich, Lukpanova Alia Ryspaevna, Tlesova Zhanat Amangosovna, Zhanekenova Kamshat Bakytzhanovna.

The personnel policy of the department “Accounting and Auditing” is aimed at the preservation of the main personnel, to attract young employees and professional development of every teacher. Teachers of the department are constantly improving their scientific and professional potential, taking an active part in international and republican scientific-methodical conferences, seminars, engaged in the study of foreign literature on the subject matters, IFRS and NAS.

Training at the Department of “Accounting and Auditing”

The educational program of higher professional education, implemented in the direction of preparation ZKITU 5V050800- “Accounting and Auditing”, is a system of instruments designed to meet the requirements of the labor market on the basis of the State educational standards of higher education (JI IN) on August 23, 2012 № 1080 amended on May 13, 2016 № 292 and the Model curriculum 5V050800- specialty “Accounting and auditing” and regulates the objectives, expected results, content, conditions and technologies of educational process, quality assessment of graduate training in this area.

Department of “Accounting and Auditing” carries out educational and methodical work on more than 60 disciplines on Russian and on the official language, most of which is self-development work of the faculty of the department.

To teach the chair has classrooms, are equipped with modern computers, electronic books, standard forms of accounting documents, computer programs for drawing up the declaration of CIT, 1 C – Accounting, educational – methodical, information resources.


Great importance is given to the department of educational and scientific work of students. There are scientific society named “Junior Accountant”. The aim of this society is: Students interested in research work, to deepen knowledge of the majors, to develop the ability and skills to conduct research, raise scientific problems and solve them.

 Teachers are actively involved in different scientific – practical conferences, both within the University and at the level of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. An integral part of the department is to search for new forms of intensification of the educational process, the organization of the CDS and attract students to scientific research. Depth study of the specialty disciplines contribute to credit technology, reading problem lectures, discussion seminars character, using elements of business games, solving production situations.

The scientific work of teachers

Teaching staff of the department conducts research work in the field of educational programs:

  • the publication of scientific articles on the subject of contractual research “Accounting -financial factors for the development of the regional economy” in scientific collections, training manuals;
  • conducting scientific research on the topic of the initiative, dedicated to the problems of improving information support the economy in the conditions of international integration;
  • performance of applications and third-party orders for accounting and business planning, development tax and accounting policies, determine the value of cost of works and services;
  • training seminars business structures, participation in forums and seminars at the expense of the inviting party.