Department of «Economics and management»

The formation of the department of economics and management was motivated by the requirements of market relations, need to development and form new standards of thinking and behavior of people.

The department trains bachelors and masters in full time courses, correspondence courses or evening classes on the following specialties:

  • 5B050600 «Economics» (bachelor’s degree);
  • 6M050600 «Economics» (master’s degree);
  • 5B050700 «Management» (bachelor’s degree);
  • 5B051000 «State and municipal management» (bachelor’s degree).

Today, the department of economics and management produces a high class specialists that places special responsibilities on the educational process. The main focus is paid to the quality of teaching, the use of advanced  informational technology, effective monitoring of improvement and development of educational material.

Head of the Department of “Economics and management” – candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Mansurova Magripa Aubakirovna.

There are 13 teachers in teaching staff of the Department «Economics and management», including 13 full – time, and 3 part-time teachers.

As of September 1, 2017, the Department has 1 doctor of economic sciences, 6 candidates of economic sciences, 5 senior lecturers, 4 of them are masters of economic sciences and 1 lecture.

The quality of the educational process is provided by highly qualified teaching staff. In the process of teaching, in addition to the traditional, teachers widely use techniques and methods of modern pedagogical and information technologies.

Active educational and scientific-methodical work of researchers such as Gabdualieva Raushan Smadinova, Zhumayev Zhetkinshek Jumaevich, Tolebayeva Batima Tolebayevna, Dzhumashev Bakhyt Kuttyzholovich, Mahmudov Askar Dzhumataevich, Esenaliyev Berik Saginovic and their professional competence contributed to the training of highly qualified specialists in economics and management.

The principal aims of the department: development of priority directions in education and research activity, improvement of personnel policy.

The main activities of the department:

  • ensuring high-quality work of students and teachers;
  • optimization of forms of educational process;
  • continuous monitoring of students ‘ progress in the learning process;
  • increasing of responsibility of teachers for quality of education;
  • formation of skills of self-organization of educational work and self-esteem in students;
  • a full realization of individual abilities of students, professional and creative potential of teachers;
  • intensification of scientific activities of teachers and students.