The program article “RUKHANI ZHANGYRU: orientation for the Future”, published on April 12, 2017 in the national media, caused a resonance in the society. From the high platform to higher education institutions, the current state and future directions of spiritual revival were discussed. As a rule, spiritual renewal in our country is a continuous process and includes all spiritual and cultural activities undertaken after the Declaration of independence. On 27th of February at the program “RUKHANI ZHANGYRU ” and events “the Educational value of the Kazakh customs and traditions”of advisers of the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and Industrial Technologies of Engineering and Technology Faculty of West-Kazakhstan Innovative-Technological University, Ikhsanova S. A., Martyshkina N. M., Kalesheva G. E., Amanova B. N., Begaidarova K. D., Gubaidullin K. Zh., Mukambetkalieva A. N. and 2,3th course students of the specialty “Oil and Gas Engineering”, “Electric power industry”, “Land Management” visited the center of culture and arts named after Kadyr Myrza Ali. During the tour, students learned about Kadyr Myrzaliev, Kadyr Myrza Ali-people’s writer of Kazakhstan, one of the authors of the words of the National anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan, got acquainted with the biography of the poet and the history of the exhibits in the Museum. The students visited the exhibition of paintings by a famous artist Dauylbaeva Inet Asiany of West Kazakhstan region.

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