Zhyrlaidy zhurek

Dedicated to the great poet Mukagali Makataev, the literary and musical evening “Zhyrlaidy zhurek” was organized by the department of philology, culture and teaching methods of the West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University.

The purpose of this event is to instill a sense of patriotism and instill in students the beauty of the poetic world through the poetry of Mukagali Makataev.

During the event, students of the specialty “Cultural and leisure work” presented the poem “When the swans sleep” to the attention of the audience. And students of the specialities “Kazakh language and literature” and “Musical education” expressively read the poet’s poems and performed his songs. Also during the event, a video was shown on the biography of the poet. In addition, all the participants listened to the Mukagali Makatayev’s voice, pronouncing his poems on audio recordings.

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