Open day in the Court

Students of the 1st and 2nd courses of the humanitarian- law department visited court № 2 in Uralsk . The students were accompanied by the judge Abilkasimova Albina Telmanovna.

The introduction to the court began with an excursion, during which judge Albina Telmanovna told in detail about the history of the court’s creation and its activities, the work of the front office, and the IT technologies introduced into the judicial system, starting from the “Judicial office” service, the video conferencing system between courts and institutions of the criminal Executive system, to the consideration of cases and materials in electronic format.

After the tour, judge Albina Telmanovna gave a lecture for students to explain the further modernization of the judicial system in the framework of the First President N. Nazarbayev’s Address.

“The head of state has set the main task for the judicial system – to ensure a high level of trust in the courts. The Message noted that it is necessary to continue the introduction of modern formats of work and advanced electronic services; to ensure the qualitative development and updating of the judicial system personnel, so that the best lawyers strive to become judges; to exclude the possibility of undue influence on judges,” said A. Abilkarimova in her speech.

During the meeting, students asked questions, in particular about the powers of judges, the procedure for selecting candidates for the post of judge. At the end of the event students expressed gratitude for interesting and cognitive information.

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