Master class on the theme “Industrial and industrial safety”

On 28th of November, the master class was held on the theme: “Industrial and industrial safety” in auditorium 303 at engineer technological faculty of WKITU.

JSC “ZapKazREK” safety engineer, Master – Erbayeva Nurgul Bulatovna conducted it for graduate students by educational programs 5В071800- “Power engineering”, 5В070800 – “Oil and gas engineering”, 5B0721 – “Chemical technology of organic substances.” 5В0724- “Technological machines and equipment”, 5В090700- “Cadastre”, 5В073100- “Life safety and environmental protection” with basic knowledge in the field of labor protection.

Safety and labor protection at the enterprise issues   were considered; fire safety; industrial safety. Upon completion, students actively participated in the discussion of occupational safety topics, which contributes to the formation of a conscious and responsible attitude to safety issues, by instilling fundamental knowledge and skills to recognize and assess the danger, identify and implement methods of reliable protection against them.

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