«Kazakhstan is one land, one people and a common future»

On the 28th of November, 2019 the Departmenttechnics and technology implemented a curator’s lecture with the studentsby specialty “Transport,transport equipment and technology”, “Transport organization, traffic and transport operation”, “Information tachnology”,”Computing and software”,”Buliding”  devoted to the First President’s Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the theme:

“Kazakhstan is one land, one people and a common future “.

 Thiseventpurpose is to study the life of the Leader of Nation NursultanNazarbayev by students, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the student’s sense of patriotism, the love to the Mother country, the pride for the country and for the President.

The book exhibition was organized by the curators in the event’s frameworks, where students were excited about the new books, written by the President. The reporters were trained, watch the video: “Nazarbayev- Epoch person”, “The Leader of Nation”. In resulting of the curator’s lecture, they noted  theRepublic of Kazakhstan President merit, who was in charge of the national currency, created a self-sustaining financial and economic system, strengthened the vertical organs of the government, formed the Armed Forces, and secured the national security.

The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NursultanNazarbayev, is taking part in the elections of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which will be held in the framework of the highest level of quality of life for the most part.

This event outcome and result is formulation and development of the civil patriotismof the students, enlargement of N.А. Nazarbayevbiographies, a member of the National spirit and respect to the people.


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