SES expert conducted workshops

Werner Nainzig – Doctor of social sciences and politics, SES expert from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, conducted a seminar for lecturers and students at the West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University.

Werner Nainzig conducted seminars four times a week on the founding of the company, on the study of organization and enterprise, on the basics of business administration, business planning, marketing, production and logistics, and also shared his experience with those present. SES is a leading public organization in Germany. This organization provides consulting services on a voluntary basis and brings together professionals from various fields. This organization will allow all interested parties to retrain their knowledge and skills both domestically and abroad. “From Asian countries, I was only in China. And now we are in Western Kazakhstan. Lecturers and students listened with great interest to the lectures of the professor. In general, an invitation from SES experts will increase the university’s competitiveness, ”said Werner Neunzig.

According to Bakhyt Orazova, a researcher at the department of international relations of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Management, the university administration always pays paramount attention to the continuing education of instructors and students. That’s why SES experts are invited throughout the academic year.

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